Monday, June 6, 2016

Stamper Marbling

Base color in OPI's The I's Have It from the Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection.  I put triangular nail vinyls toward my cuticle after the polish was completely dried.  I then tried out a new technique on my Bundle Monster Lotus Mat, where you dab on drops of nail polish to the mat.  I used What's the Hatter with You? and I'm Gown for Anything.  Taking a thin dotting tool, blend the colors to a marble design.  Then, take your stamper and pres down into the polish.
From there, you can transfer the polish onto your nail using your stamper and then peel off the nail vinyls when you're done.  I took a thin silver striper to line where the vinyls were.  This was a super fun technique, and I hope you enjoy the design! 

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