Friday, January 29, 2016

Owl Shay the Night

(...I'll Stay the Night)

Base color in Julep's Shay.  I used black Bundle Monster stamping polish for the stamps and the Fuzzy & Ferocious 2 stamping set.  The two middle nails were done using the decal making technique on my new LOTUSSSS MAT!!  I filled it in with Laree, and OPI's My Twin Mimmy from the Hello Kitty Collection and You are So Outta Lime! from the Go Neon or Go Nude Collection.

So I just have to have a little review for Shay now, because I had nothing but issues with it!  It's a beautiful color and goes on very smoothly, however, very sheer.  In two coats it was very opaque but you can see the tips are still a little sheer.  I waited almost an hour to do my stamping and it was still wet!! I know old base coats can make your nail polish dry slowerrrrrrr if they dry at all, but I have a rather new base coat, so that can't be it.  2-3 hours later, they were dry to the touch, but the polish SLID. DOWN. MY. NAIL.  How?!?!  I emailed the company to see what they could do about this because I would hope it is just a defective bottle.  I will keep you updated if/when anything happens...  I do like the Julep brand and will continue receiving my monthly box, but it just makes me sad that such a beautiful color is being so difficult!  </rant>

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