Monday, January 11, 2016

Julep Icicle Wraps

Base color in OPI's Small + Cute = <3 from the Hello Kitty Collection.  I think this is my favorite color from the entire collection.. It looks so good and creamy!  It's up there with Pink Friday from the Nicki Minaj Collection.

I recently started doing the Julep Maven subscription box (Click here for a free box!) 
and really enjoy that brand as well.  This past month, I added on their icicle nail wraps to try out (along with their chevrons and tribal nail stickers).  

Pros:  They are super easy to use, stick to the nail very well, I haven't had a problem with peeling up, and they are super shiny and metallic.  Love the outcome.
Cons:  They are very thick and give that "rhinestones protruding off your nails" vibe that I'm not fond of, to achieve a completely glossy and even surface, you will need a LOT of top coat.  But that list is only because I'm nitpicking and particular!

All in all, these are great nail wraps.  WAY better than Jamberry, so I would LOVE to try any other wrap they come out with.  Hope you enjoy this review and cute nail art! :) 

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