Friday, January 22, 2016

Double Scaled Gradient

So I've been watching a LOT of Simply Nailogical videos on YouTube and have finallllly gotten the hang of her famous scaled gradient.  I used wavy nail vinyls, Simply Peel (like no big deal) around my cuticles (I think I still need to master the Simply Peel), and UNT peel off base coat (for the first time!).  She's taught me well.

I used China Glaze's Don't Be a Luna-Tic from the Hologlam Collection for the base of the gradient.  I then sponged on a gradient of Infra Red, Get Outta My Space, and Don't Be a Luna-Tic.  I used a wavy nail vinyl to mark off the gradient.  I hope you enjoy this because I know I'm keeping it on my nails forevvvvvverrrrr (or whenever it chips) ;)

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