Friday, January 30, 2015

Little Black Heart

Base color in OPI's Alpine Snow from the Tuxedo Collection.  I used a Mash stamping plate for the stripes with red Konad stamping polish.
The design was finished off with a tiny black heart on the middle finger using Black Onyx.  Not very Valentine's-ey but it'll do, pig.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Heart Leopard Print

Base colors in OPI's Chic from Ears to Tail from the Couture de Minnie Collection and Alpine Snow from the Tuxedo Collection.  
The spots were done with A Definite Moust-Have from the Couture de Minnie CollectionThe Color of Minnie from the Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection, Alpine Snow, and Chic From Ears to Tail.  Spots were finished off with Black Onyx from the Tuxedo Collection.

Just a little something to start off the Valentine season.  Not my favorite holiday, but the designs are so cute, I just needed to start right away! :)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Coffee Nail Art

Base color in Chick Nail Polish's All a Twitter.  The coffee beans and coffee cup are all done using black, white, and brown acrylic paint.
I got this idea listening to Sylvan Esso's Coffee the other day.  Came on the raaaahhhdio and I thought it would be cute to do coffee nails. They are a little cartoony and I love it!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Prism Nails

Base color in OPI's Alpine Snow from the Tuxedo Collection.  I used the Sheer Tints Collection to add that tie-dye pastel look.  This includes I'm Never Amberrassed, Be Magentale with Me, Don't Violet Me Down, and I Can Teal You Like Me. 
Using the top coat sticker method, I painted with black acrylic paint, the Prism logo and stuck it on my middle finger.

I'm totally getting amped up for the Superbowl next week (could have used the Packers in that arena, but I'll deal), but not for the football; for the half time show!  If you know me, you know I absolutely LOVE Katy Perry, so I guess it was time I did these nails.  'Bout time she did the half time show!!! ;)

Pizza Pizza

Pizza crust made with OPI's Where Did Suzi's Man-go? from the Brazil Collection.  The cheese was done with yellow acrylic paint and the brown tips are done with brown acrylic.  The toppings include some red acrylic pepperonis!
I was having some Monical's Pizza last night (sausage, of course) and got inspired... What a delicious manicure!

And remember, "Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, pizza is knowledge." - April Ludgate (Parks and Recreation)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

From Here to Eternity

So a lot of people have had some mixed reviews for OPI's Infinite Shine Collection, and I'm here to say... it's wonderful.  If you actually USE the system that was created for this particular polish, it will work wonders.   Once I do more swatches, I will create a post with tips and tricks in nailing the perfect Infinite Shine manicure.  The swatch above is called From Here to Eternity.  Look at how SHINY!!! 

I've also been watching a LOT of Parks and Recreation lately and recently I came across the episode where Ann makes April be friends with her.  April has to go get manicures with Ann and if you know their relationship, you'll know how much April did not like doing this.  So, she did this. :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's Like, Totally Bitchin'

Base colors in OPI's Pink Friday from the Nicki Minaj Collection, Radiance from the Designer Series Collection, and Essie's In the Cab-Ana.  
I dotted the blue nails with Radiance and used all colors to make the design on Pink Friday. The white was done with a striper and the other parts of the design were done with a tiny brush!

Just a little something to brighten your day! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Embrace the Gray

Base color in OPI's Embrace the Gray from the Fifty Shades of Grey Collection.
I used a light pink glitter for the gradient, starting from the tips to the cuticles, which is Essie's A Cut Above from the Luxeffects Collection.  I love doing these designs because they're so simple but they look sooooo pretty!  Enjoy!

Friday, January 2, 2015

American Eagle Inspiration

I bought a plaid shirt from the 'Merican Eagle a few weeks ago and I absolutely love the colors in it!  Being off yesterday, I had a little time to do some random nail art, so I decided to go along with it.  
Base colors from left to right:  Chick Nail Polish's All A Twitter, OPI's Alpine Snow from the Tuxedo Collection, China Glaze's Highlight of My Summer from the Sunsational Summer Collection, and OPI's Pink Friday from the Nicki Minaj Collection.

I used a Mash plate for the plaid design along with a bright blue Konad stamping polish, Black Onyx, a bright green Konad stamping polish, and then Pink Flamenco from the Espana Collection.  Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A 2015 Original

Base color in OPI's Designer Series Original.  Yup, that's right; pretty much the best designer series color they have out there. Unfortunately, I only have about one more use out of the bottle. :(

I used a black striper and a silver striper for the tips.  I used that striper for the 2015 dots in the design.

Happy 2015 everyone!  Hope this will be a good year!!