Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tokyo Police Club Nails

Base color in OPI's Funky Dunky from the Shrek Collection.  This was then sponged with Black Onyx from the Tuxedo Collection and splattered with white acrylic paint.  The red and yellow dots are done with Jingleberry and I Just Can't Cope-acabana from the Brazil Collection.
My middle finger contains the name of the band and then everything was topped off with a nice shiny top coat.  This was inspired by the band's newest album cover!  I love this band so here's one of my faves.. enjoy!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Nail Organization!

Today I am going to show you a virtual tour of my nail polish and art supply organization.  I will start with my station and work my way through all the random junk I have in my room.  Let's do this thang.

I bought this table for about $15 at IKEA and is super sturdy and just the perfect size/height.  The chair I am using is just a folding chair from Target that was about $10.  I have a daylight lightbulb in my desk lamp to take more natural pictures of my nails; it was a tip I got from Let Them Have Polish.

On top of my table is this little organization thinner.  I got this at Michael's on clearance.  I put all of my acrylic paints on top along with a few random stripers, files, and paint brushes.
All the way to the left in drawer one I have all my foils and foil glue.  There are a ton of different colors and patterns in here that I love to use on occasion.
The middle drawer contains all of my FIMO sticks and an blade to cut them.  I really don't use these all too often and if I do, I take them off right away.  I'm not a big fan of having objects on my fingers for an extended period of time.  Just feels weird, ya know?
The last small drawer contains my nails clippers and Konad stamper and scraper.  It's just right in front of me and ready to use when I need them.  I use these the most for sure!
To the left of that on top of my other storage are all of my nail polish removers and top/base coats.  I use Zoya's Remover + mainly because it doesn't smell as strong as non-acetone remover.  Plus, you know when you accidentally lick your fingers (maybe after you ate something) after using nail polish remover and you want to die a little?  That doesn't happen with this!  Above that contains the remover pads, toe separators, cups, and more non-acetone from Sally's.  Super cheap and good for Konad stuff.  Also, underneath this has my Bundle Monster containers of nail plates and Konad stamping polish.  I'd show you a picture but I forgot and am too lazy to go back and add it.  Whoops! :D 
Lastly, this drawer underneath has a bunch of random stuff.  I have tweezers, make up sponges, buffers, files, dotting tools, and pain brushes in here.  Just another convenient miscellaneous drawer.  It's nice.
This is an ALEX also from IKEA which was about $120-130 (I can't remember exactly) but totally worth it.  I used to put all of my nail polishes in little Melmers (the scrapbook storage from Michael's) and I had just so many!  It's nice to consolidate.  There are nine drawers in here and the last four are slightly taller than the first five.  The top five drawers are just tall enough to fit OPI nail polishes which is great because that's what I have the most of.  
The first five drawers look essentially like this.  They are all OPI.  I have written their code on top of the bottle with a white marker so I can easily find each color.  They are all in order by code so if I find a color in my color wheels that I like, I can find it right away!  
The first large drawer contains all of my Zoya colors.  I used to take star cut outs and paint them the color in the bottle, but it got tedious so I stopped.  I have them all in color order and then in alphabetical order.  Maybe I'm just a little OCD...
My next drawer and a quarter contain all of my China Glaze's.  They are in number order.
This next drawer contains the rest of my China Glaze Collection, my Chick Nail Polishes, and then the Essie's that I have.  I don't believe that those last two brands really have an order to them.. so I'll move on.
The last and final drawer contains all the random nail polish brands I have.  There are just so many different ones that there's really no order other than they are grouped by brand.  Lots of indie polishes, random department store ones, and some lesser known brands.
Lastly, this is my Caboodle box.  It spreads open and holds all of my super random nail art stuff that I don't use as often.  Extra buffers, files, glitters, rhinestones, nail wheels, and stripers are some of the things I keep in here.  I'm not in here too often but it's nice to have around just in case I'm in a BIG nail art mood.
So that's it!  It may not be too interesting, but I've always been excited to see how other people organize their collections.  If you have any questions on where to find certain things or anything else I can share with you, let me know in the comments! :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cherry Limeade

Base color in OPI's Life Gave Me Lemons from the Go Neon or Go Nude Collection.  This was then stamped with the Cheeky Tropical Holiday jumbo plate using white and hot pink Konad stamping polish.
This was then sponged with a gradient of China Glaze's Fairy Dust and topped off with a top coat.  Hope you enjoy this mouth watering manicure!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Watercolor Stripes!

Base color in OPI's Alpine Snow from the Tuxedo Collection.  (The picture above is a little dark)
Using all of the Sheer Tints Collection by OPI I painted stripes overlapping each other to give a watercolor feel.  They also created new colors and look really pretty!
The colors in this collection include Be Magentale With Me, I'm Never Amberrassed, I Can Teal You Like Me, and Don't Violet Me Down.  These colors are all meant to be a top coat over another color of your choice to create a new combination, or alone for just a smidge of color.

I found these are very, very thick and take a little bit longer to dry than regular top coat.  I'm going to play around with these and see how I can create different works of nail art and how they change the colors I already have.  More to come!