Friday, February 28, 2014


Base color in Zoya's Wednesday from the Beach and Surf Collection.  Each of these nails was cornered off with white acrylic paint and then covered with Essie's Good as Gold from the Mirror Metallics Collection.
The feature nail was done with Good as Gold then taped off with striping tape.  Over the top, I used OPI's Black Onyx from the Tuxedo Collection.  After this was dry, I used white acrylic paint and Wednesday to finish off the arrows.

This is a slight variation of a design one of my friends drew for me.  What you see below is more of what they had wanted, but I didn't want to do the same design I did below!  So I switched it up. :)

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Base color in OPI's I Just Can't Cope-acabana from the Brazil Collection.  This was then stamped using a Bundle Monster plate and China Glaze's Mahogany Magic from the Hunger Games Collection.
The giraffe on the feature nail was done using brown, black, and white acrylic paints and a very steady hand.  Well, as steady as it could be.. :)  These were demanded so I hope I stood up to the challenge!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Game of Thrones: House Stark

Base colors in OPI's Black Onyx from the Tuxedo Collection and China Glaze's Stone Cold from the Hunger Games Collection.
Then, using a super tiny brush and white acrylic paints, I drew on the Game of Thrones logo, Stark name, and the dire wolf you see above.
I mean, my favorite house here is the House Targaryen, but those dragons!! Woooooooooo.  I sure need to find a better way to recreate those.  :)  Hope you enjoy.. and remember, WINTER IS COMING!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Walk Like An Egyptian..

Base color in OPI's My Vampire is Buff from the Euro Centrale Collection.  This was then sponged with brown acrylic paint and Zoya's Goldie.  
Next, I stamped on the Eye of Ra with black Konad stamping polish and a MASH plate.  Lastly, I striped on the black and royal blue with a super tiny brush.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cherry Blossoms

Base color in OPI's Alpine Snow from the Tuxedo Collection.
Next, using a fan brush and light pink acrylic paint, I put down a base on the side of my nail.  Then, using a thin brush, I streaked on brown acrylic paint.
Using a dotting tool, I dabbed on Zoya's Paloma then Reagan to create the blossoms.  Of course, this doesn't exactly look like cherry blossoms, but it gives it the feel.  Anyway, it looks really pretty! :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Don't Bossa Nova Me Around!

Base color in OPI's Don't Bossa Nova Me Around from the Brazil Collection.  
Next, using a piece of make-up sponge, I dabbed on China Glaze's Your Present Required from the Holiglaze Collection.

Simple.  Pretty.  Annndddddd an idea from my best friend.  Thanks Tawny! ;)

Monday, February 17, 2014


Base color in OPI's AmazOn...AmazOff from the Brazil Collection.  
This was then painted over with white, light purple, and dark purple acrylic paints.  It was meant to look like rose petals but I think it just looks like a cool gradient design.  Still awesome!  

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Kiss Me, I'm Brazilian!

Base colors in OPI's Kiss Me I'm Brazilian from the Brazil Collection and Alpine Snow from the Tuxedo Collection.  
The hearts on the white feature nail are from the Bundle Monster Holiday Collection plates and the polka dots are courtesy of Gals.
Lastly, the glittered hearts on each nail were done with My Favorite Ornament from the Mariah Carey Holiday Collection.

I wasn't able to get this up on Valentine's Day but I hope the day after will suffice!  :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Interlocking Hearts!

Base color in OPI's 4 In The Morning from the Gwen Stefani Collection.  This was then stamped with white Konad stamping polish and a Cheeky plate.
A few of the hearts were then filled in with purple and blue acrylic paint.  Hope you enjoy!  There will be a more cheery pink (Brazil Collection!) and wonderful Valentine's Day set coming soon! :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I Heart Matte

Base color in OPI's Dutch Tulips from the Classics Collection.  This was then topped off with OPI's Matte Top Coat and then set to dry.
The hearts were then dotted on using Chick Nail Polish's Raven's Egg.  I'm not so very happy with the way the hearts turned out but they do their job.
Every nail was polished off with a couple swishes of silver glitter.

I am seriously addicted to the matte look.  I just wish it lasted longer!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Heart Balloons

Base colors in OPI's Alpine Snow from the Tuxedo Collection and Grape, Set, Match from the Serena Williams Duo PacksThe two center nails were lined with black acrylic paints then using a dotting tool, I dotted on the hearts at the tops. 
Each nails was then sponged at the tips with In True Stefani Fashion from the Gwen Stefani Collection

I'll be doing Valentine's Day nails all week.. so look out for more hearts and probably a lot of pink and red. :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Starry, Starry Night Nails

Base color in OPI's OPI...Eurso Euro from the Euro Centrale Collection.  The design was based on Van Gogh's Starry Night painting and may not look exactly like the painting, but it actually turned out nice!
Now this part is a doozy, but the colors used in this design are as follows:  Chick Nail Polish's Baby Cakes, I Sing in Color from the Gwen Stefani Collection, Need Sunglasses? from the Brights by the Dozen Collection, Alpine Snow from the Tuxedo Collection, and What's With the Cattitude? and Ogre-The-Top Blue from the Shrek Collection.  These were all painted on with a really tiny brush by hand.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Brighten Up!

Base color in Victoria's Secret's Brighten Up.  This was then taped off using two binder hole reinforcers on each nail.
Using OPI's Black Onyx from the Tuxedo Collection, I painted the tips that were taped off.  But because I'm so impatient, I used white acrylic paints to and free handed the rest of the design.  I love these colors together and I hope you do too! :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl 2014: Broncos vs. Seahawks Nails

Base colors in OPI's Flit a Bit from the Summer Flutter Collection and Dating a Royal from the Mod About Brights Collection.  
The Bronco's logo was done by hand with white, blue, and orange acrylic paints.  Tips were finished off with white acrylic paint and silver glitter stripers.  
Base colors in China Glaze's Def Defying from the Worlds Away Collection, Dating a Royal, and Mahogany Magic from the Hunger Games Collection.  
The Seahawk's logo was also done using a super tiny brush and white, gray, blue, and lime green acrylic paints.  French tips were designed using the silver glitter striper and white acrylic paint.

Try not to make fun of the logos.. I realize the Bronco looks like he gained some weight. :)  Who are you rooting for this year?