Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jamberry Seven Day Challenge: Day 7

I realize I didn't really follow through with showing you every day... but let's be real.  Unless I had a major break in my nails or crazy chip, it would be totally boring.  So here's day seven and I won't lie to you.. I think my nail lacquer held up better than Jamberry..
In this picture you can definitely see the wear on the tips which is inevitable with nail lacquer.  On the Jamberry wrap, you can see the bubbling up on the side near the cuticles.
This is just a side shot.. mainly showing how my nails have grown out and the bubbling near the cuticles.
This is an overall picture of how they looked by the end of the week.  On the Jamberry nail, you can see the corner came up and the crinkling I had before wore out and looks chipped.
Again, you can see the wearing on the tips and the chips out of the Jamberry wrap.  You can also really see the outgrowth of the nail polish which is the only downside to nail lacquer.  The wrap kind of started under the cuticle in a way so when my nails grew out, you couldn't really tell on that nail.
Finally, you can really really see how worn out the Jamberry nail got.  See this is where I'm drawn on these wraps.  I feel like you really need the equipment to make your Jam-icure last as long as they say.  I didn't have their heater which could have led to the bubbling.. or maybe I didn't clean them to specification.  Or maybe I'm just very rough on that finger.  Who knows!

My experience taking it off?  Well, they don't really tell you that it leaves a little bit of a sticky residue on your nails.  I followed the tutorials and I still got it.  Plus, I feel like it brought up some of my nail with it.  I needed to buff out some peeled part of my nail.  It was almost as if I picked off my nail polish, and I'm not about that life.

I think the wraps are great for people who can spend a while on a set of nails every two weeks.  Those who can't really do nail art or suck at even staying within the confines of your nails (sometimes, I'm this person).  Those people who want rockin nail art without the salon prices and who have the time to perfect the system and make it last.  I've perfected my system, and I believe Jamberry isn't for me, but that's my opinion!

Maybe I'll give it another chance someday..

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  1. I'm a Jamberry Consultant & I can see from your pictures that the wrap you used is too large for the nail you have it on & that's most likely why it peeled and bubbled. If the wrap is touching any skin or cuticle it may peel or bubble. This is why we tell people it's better to er on the smaller side when choosing a wrap for your nail, rather than a wrap that is too large for that nail. I hope you'll try them again sometime & have better luck b/c I honestly think it was just b/c the wrap was too large for that nail :)