Friday, January 24, 2014

Gwen Stefani Collection Swatches

Push and Shove (over Lay Down That Base)
Love. Angel. Music. Baby. (satin finish)
I Sing in Color
4 In the Morning (satin finish)
In True Stefani Fashion (over Hey Baby)
Hey Baby
Over & Over A-Gwen
Over & Over A-Gwen comes in this little red case including Swarovski elements.
This is the inside.

And here's what you get when you open everything up.  It comes with a little look book so you can do your own designs with some inspiration.  The studs and crystals are stuck to the sheet and although they look like they're tarnished, it's just the glue to hold them on which comes right off.  You can use OPI's nail glue, but I find using top coat works just as well without the hassle of super super super glue.

I wanted to show the entire collection because each of the colors came with a custom sleeve.

Here is the signature red along with the creme gloss finishes.

Above are the satin finishes, the chrome, and glitter.

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