Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Need Somebody..HELP!

Hello everyone!  I have a special post today and this is because I need help on naming some of these colors.  They are all colors that I have obtained that do not have labels at all.  Most of them, I don't think I've seen before and still have the original brush (Pre Pro-Wide).  If any of you have a clue as to what the color is, that would be fantastic!  Thanks for the help and I will try to describe as best as I can below.

Pre Pro-Wide era brush meaning it's an older color, it is a deep wine color with a little pink shimmer to it.  Goes on thin and takes about two to three coats to become opaque.  This looks like it's from a spring collection.
Pro-Wide era to recent, this color goes on in nice and opaque layers.  It's a deep burnt orange that flat but very shiny.  This is probably from a fall collection.
Also Pro-Wide era to recent meaning it is still being made or came out in a more recent  collection (~2008<).  It goes on thin and is a great beige/tan nude.  Flat color; no shimmer.  Maybe a soft shades collection?
Pro-Wide era to recent, this color goes on thicker and will be opaque in just two coats.  It is a soft pink/nude cream.  There is no shimmer to it.  Maybe a soft shades collection?
Pre Pro-Wide era and older, this color is very jelly like and thin.  Takes about two to three coats to become opaque.  It is a medium pink with no shimmer to it, but is very shiny.  Has kind of a soft orange tint to it, kind of like a coral, but more pink.  Kind of looks like it's from the South Beach collection or a summer collection earlier.
Lastly, this color is pre Pro-Wide era to earlier and is a beautiful mint green color.  It's flat with no shimmer and lays on thin so two to three coats are needed to become opaque.  Has a lot of shine to it.  This is not original Gargantuan Green Grape (I have it) and is much lighter than Mermaid's Tears.

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