Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rad Nails Review

So I got these nail art stickers when I went to the She & Him concert last Friday and was super pumped to use them.  They're freakin' adorable.  I tried them out on Monday and did what I normally did when using nail stickers except they kept chipping like crazy.  I thought I was doing it wrong.  Gave myself a couple days...  Tried them again tonight and it wasn't me.  These are TERRIBLE.  I don't know if any of you have tried using Rad Nails' brand of nail art stickers, but this was my first time.  It doesn't stick to the nails as you can see from the pictures below. 
I love the designs, it's not She & Him's fault.. definitely Rad Nails' doing.  I tried using base coats and natural nails, but it just won't stick like it should.  Then, when I tried taking it off, nail polish remover doesn't do anything.  At all. It's crazy! 
I've used Sally Hansen's nail art stickers before and they last forever and stick perfectly.  They are also made of nail polish so they come off with remover.  I mean, you can actually peel these off in a few seconds, but what's the point?  Aren't they supposed to last more than 1 minute?  So these nails look awful and I wasn't looking to impress anyone at this point, I am just making my argument.  I'm glad I didn't pay for these.. I will definitely never actually buy Rad Nails brand of nail art stickers EVER.  Does anyone else have this problem?? 


  1. Yes, I had this problem. Unfortunately, I paid for a bunch of their products - all of which either don't work or aren't very good. I'm actually surprised you got the nail stickers to look as good as you did. I don't recommend the cuticle tattoos either; its very difficult to line them up to the nail bed, since they have to be transfered off heavy white (none-see-through) paper.

  2. You both must be applying the nails wrong. I have used these radnails as well as many of their other nail wraps and they stayed on for almost two weeks!!!! I also got the radnails from She and Him and again, had NO problems!!