Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tropical Holiday!

Base color in Zoya's Ali then sponged with orange and yellow acrylic paints to make a sunset look.  This was then stamped with black Konad stamping polish and the "Tropical Holiday" plate from Cheeky 2013.

I was pretty excited to get these plates.. they are the Jumbo Plates for 2013 by Cheeky.  I've been wanting these plates for months and was super excited to have gotten them yesterday.. here are the ones I got!

Yes.. I realize that you can see me in these images but the darn things are so SHINY!!!  You can still see the images on the plates and that's what matters, right?

 So here's the deal.  I was kind of irritated with these when I got them.. I ordered the European Romance plate because it was AWESOME and really was the only plate that I NEEDED (I just really wanted the others) and they sent me my least favorite plate of the collection instead.  Luckily, one e-mail later, I got the plate for free and got a refund.  Cheeky's customer service is fantastic!  

Now the plates.  Amazing Cheeky quality like always.  These plates are fun because they are all themed differently and the images are so UNIQUEI haven't had an image come out poorly or with half of it missing.  It's clear, opaque, and wonderful.  Looking at these plates give me SO many ideas that my brain is exploding.  It's if I can get my hands on that dang European plate.  

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