Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stamp and Fill Tutorial!

Base color in China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasy and flower filled in with Sun-Kissed.  This design done with white Konad stamping polish and the Cheeky "Tropical Holiday" jumbo plate.  Now this was something that I just learned, and quite honestly, should have known before.  I use nail stickers all the time when I do intricate designs that I'm afraid to mess up on my actual nail.  I'll take you through the step now:
First:  Pick your design.
Second:  Choose a color and transfer it onto your rubber stamper.
Third:  Fill in blank spots with a color of your choice.  Here, I filled in the center of the flower with Sun-Kissed.
Fourth:  Once that is COMPLETELY dry, top this off with a clear top coat.  Let that COMPLETELY dry.
Finally:  Peel it off.  Yes, you can see that is semi-transparent, but once you stick it on your nail, it will be clear.  That's all you do!  You can do this with any design!

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  1. Wow! Why DIDN'T you think of this before?