Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fish Nets?

Here is another post from my phone which is expected because I'm on SPRING BREAK! :)

Anyways..I did my nails on Sunday and it took me this long to post about it. I'm super on top of things this week. This will be short, but I think it's a good one. It starts with a base color from the New York City Ballet Collection and is called Care to Danse? It's a very, very light purple that is kind of like a jelly or sorbet color. Obviously very sheer, but it gets the job done. I really like the look of these colors because you can tell there is something on your nails without it being too transparent and too in your face. Perfect color for those early spring days..

After letting that dry, I used one of my Konad plates that has the zebra, cheetah, and mesh patterns on it. I, of course, used the mesh pattern to make it look like fish net stockings. Over the top, I used the flowers on the same plate to give it a little something extra. This is with black Konad stamping polish. I hope you like! :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games (Hook and Line)

So this is the first time I'm blogging from my phone so let's hope this works out alright..

I absolutely loved reading the Hunger Games. It was a great story and was completely stoked when I heard it would become a movie. Well, that movie finally premiered last night and I had my nails done just for it..and I got to use a China Glaze Hunger Games color with it!!

So this is what I did.. To start out, I painted two thick coats of Hook and Line. I would suggest two coats that are thick because it does show kind of sheer at first. This color has a very pearly finish to it, kind of like Sahara Sapphire from OPI. I really do like this color but for some reason, I felt like it smelled like fish.. But that could be because it is for the fishing district! Haha.

Next, using my acrylics and only for my right hand, I painted some flames for The Girl on Fire. After they were dry, I used a sponge and dabbed on some Pure Pearlfection from the Essie Luxeffects Collection to give those flames some shine!

On my left hand, also using acrylics, I dotted on a little tree and an arrow sticking out of it because Katniss is, as I'm sure if you saw the movie/read the books, an archer. On my fingers I dotted on some arrow path lines. I thought it was adorable.

I topped each hand off with my Konad letter stamps and stamped on Hunger Games. Definitely drew the whole looks together. What do you think? How did you like the movie?! Well I thought it was amazing.. So enjoy these nails!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Avengers

A guy on my staff totally LOVES comics and had a huge brain storm during a staff meeting one day.  If I can do designs on my nails, why not do nails for THE AVENGERS!?  This is where he really got into it..He did not want me to wait until the movie comes out (May 2nd I want to say?), he wanted them now.  Like right now.  So I did it.  He was nice enough to send me pictures to go off of.  These pictures are minimalist representations of each character, Hulk, Black Widow, Iron Man, etc. 
From these pictures, I did my own rendition on my nails and of course, I'm not the best artist in the world so some of them are a little shaky looking so forgive me!

On my thumb, I did Captain America which I used Yoga-ta Get this Blue! as the base color.  From there, I used one of my Konad stamps (M3) for the star in the middle (a little off center).  I used my acrylics and a dotting tool for the red and white circles around it.  On my other thumb, I did the Avenger's symbol which is pretty much an "A" with an arrow in the middle..  I highlighted it with a glitter striper because it looks cool.  I really like how that turned out..it has Black Satin for the base color.

On my forefingers, I used Black Onyx for the base color and Essie's Set in Stones from the Luxeffects Collection on top.  Then on my middle finger, I tried to do the reactor of Iron Man which turned out to look more like the inverse of the Japan flag.  It's okay though..it's kind of what it looks like anyways!  For the base color, I used Red Lights Ahead...Where?.  On my other middle finger I have my favorite design (and movie character) which is for THOR!!!  The base color is Jingleberry (which is a really old color that still has the original brushes!).  I made a white lighting strike, and made some gray for the hammer.  Using a glitter striper, I highlighted it to give it a little sparkle!  Definitely my favorite.

On my ring finger, I used Greenwich Village as the base color for the Hulk.  Using my acrylics, I did the double helix and there it is.  On my other ring finger, I have Hawkeye's design which starts with the base color of Funky Dunky.  I then made a light purple for the target and a dark purple for the lines.

Then, last but certainly not least, I have a small and simple design for Black Widow.  I used Black Onyx for the base color and dotted on a little red symbol with my red acrylic paint and then highlighted it with a red glitter striper.  Enjoy!!

Don't forget to check out my new Zoya Page because I just got six new colors! :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

I bet this holiday has given great inspiration to lots of different nail designs this year, but I wanted to put some of my ideas out there as well!  So here are some designs I did for this special drinking holiday (pretty much right!?)..
First I tried out a cute little shamrock design on my friend's nails and they actually turned out really nicely!  I was super pumped!  For those, I used my acrylic paints because I think they work a lot better and I don't waste my nail polishes that way!  

The base color for both of the sets of nails is Zoya Holly with Zoya Rina over the top.  On my nails, I painted white shamrocks and made a little rainbow on my thumbs sponging on the cloud and dotting the rainbow over it.  Also with a sponge, I used OPI's Glitzerland and Sparke de Triomphe on the tips and made a little gradient.  I hope you like this and Happy St. Patrick's Day!! :D

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Geography Nails!

Hello everyone!  Happy Pi day! :D  I was going to do some awesome Pi day nails but decided that the geography nails that I have been wanting to do for a while took precedence.  They are very simple but I really like them!

Both hands are pretty much the same design (other than my lucky pinky) but it's very simple.  I decided to try out some plastic bag marbling (like making those stickers but marble them with different colors) and used Zoya Holly and Tallulah for marbling to make little earths!  I really love how they turned out.. Over the top of those, I put little white lines to look like latitude and longitude lines. 

On my forefinger, using a white striper, I made a north arrow (like on a map!) and painted an "N" on the top of it.  For the rest of my fingers I used my Finger Paints Special Effects Flecked top coat to make little green shimmery flakes over the top of my base color, which is Zoya's Tallulah to match the marbling.  I really love how they turned out.  I didn't know what else to do for them for geography but I think I did pretty well.  I think I already reviewed Tallulah on my Zoya page so you can take a look at that for a little more information about it! :)

Have a wonderful PI DAY!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I am taking a little, tiny break from the Holland Collection and decided that I have been playing Monopoly on my phone a little too much lately.  So here is my depiction of Monopoly nails which I am really excited about because I've wanted to do these for a while..
This is Gargantuan Green Grape which is a very light green (almost looks like it could glow in the dark) from the Brights Collection.  It goes on super sheer and you may need about 2-3 coats of it to get it opaque.  I only used two because I was doing nail art on it, but it could probably still use another coat.  This is one of the colors that I use a lot because I absolutely love it.

For my right hand, I used a mix of acrylic paints, stripers, and dotting tools to get this look.  I decided to do the railroad at the last minute.  My thumb is so you can pass go! :D

For my left hand, I again used acrylics, stripers, and dotting tools to get this.  I have my "Free Parking" on my thumb, "Chance" on my middle finger, and the "Electric Company" on my pinky. 
I topped everything off with the Northern Lights sparkle top coat.  I hope you enjoy this!  It took forever!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thanks a Windmillion!

It took me forever to decide a color this time to wear for a couple days.. I really want to try out some designs I've been thinking of for a while, but I also really want to wear my new Holland color.  Decisions, decisions.....

I went with..drum roll please..Thanks a Windmillion!  It's a really pretty pastel greenish gray color that looks very, very similar to Mermaid's Tears from the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection.  Disappointment.  But I really do like this color and it looks great with silver!  Goes on a little streaky in one coat so you will definitely need two.  It's just a flat green..nothing too special here.

Over the top, I used my new Konad plate (M83) and used the flowery swirly design on it.  I used silver stamping polish (which goes on very light which was very disappointing because I thought it would be thicker!) and then over the top, I used a silver/blue glitter striper to make it stand out a little more.  Hope you like it!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hunger Games!! (Smoke and Ashes)

Hello!  Great news!!! I got the Hunger Games Collection from China Glaze this past weekend.  It's absolutely wonderful.  I talked about it a little bit on my China Glaze page which you should check out..it will give you a small low-down on the collection and some tiffs with it and what I like along with this post because I am wearing Smoke and Ashes!

This was the color I was super ready for because it's from District 12, if you read the book, and they are the coal mining district.  It's just a nice, dark black, that has some beautiful greenish micro-glitters in it.  I was actually kind of disappointed on how it went on my nail.. I mean, it went on really nicely, thick coats and could go opaque in just one coat!  The thing I didn't like about it was when I put my top coat on, it just sucked it right in.  Wasn't very glossy at all.  Never had the finish I wanted so that made me really sad.  But, that happens every once in a while..you get a top coat suck.  Ugh.

Anyways..I just put a couple stars that I got from Sally's on the top to add a little something.  I didn't feel like doing intense nail art because I was doing my friend's nails.  For her I used Fly from the Nicki Minaj Collection, Red Angel plate 113, and some rhinestones!  Enjoy!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Red Lights Ahead...Where?

I really, really, really wanted to try out my new acrylic paints on my nails but didn't know what to do!  It's so hard to decide because there are so many things I want to try.  Since the next color in my line-up was Red Lights Ahead..Where? from the Holland Collection, I decided a simple design would be good to start off with.  

I absolutely love this reddish-pink.  I goes on kind of sheer in one coat, and doesn't fully cover in two.  (I can still see the white in the tips of my nails because they are kind of long)  But it goes on very evenly, and it has a really nice high-gloss finish to it.  So shiny!! 

I decided to use my white acrylic paint for my design.  I tried to do a paisley design and that realllly failed so I just did some random flowery viney designs.  It's all so very random but looks kind of cool.  I also used Luxe and Lush from the Hunger Games Collection by China Glaze for a feature nail.  Looks pretty awesome.  That color goes on very, very light and over this red, it gave it an orange look.  Hope you like it!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cling On! (Magnetic)

So I wanted to switch it up again with not using my Holland Collection colors and decided to go with a magnetic polish that I bought a while back.  I am really happy with these.. like really happy.  I mean I've been wanting to get a magnetic polish and couldn't bring myself to actually buy one because they were $15!  Then, China Glaze decided to come out with an awesome collection and I decided to get them all!  

The first one I tried out was not on myself and it was called Pull Me Close which is a light blue metallic color.  When I did this on my friend, I did one coat then put the magnet up to it.  Turned out really nice for like two minutes!  I was so disappointed, but she liked it so we kept it like that. 

That very same night, I decided I wanted to do try out a color too.  Instead of Pull Me Close I used Cling On which is very light green metallic color.  I think this stuff is absolutely amazing (and so did the guy at the bar today which was WEIRD!).  I painted one coat and let it completely dry, then put a SECOND coat of it and then put the magnet up to it for about 20 seconds.  Works SO well so if you plan on doing this too, make sure you use two coats like normal.

I also think it's amazing how the color changes when you magnetize them.. I just don't get it!