Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Luxeffects Haul + Squiggles

In the mail today came my 5 new Essie Luxeffects Collection!  Yay!!  I really just wanted the Shine of the Times that's in this collection and I couldn't find it at WalMart so I just bought the whole collection.  Glad I did too.  Love every single color.
The colors in this collection from left to right are:  Set in Stones, A Cut Above, Pure Pearlfection, As Gold as it Gets, and Shine of the Times
I will be explaining each and what I think of them in my Other Polishes page.

It was great timing when these colors came because I had a blank canvas today and was looking for something fun to do to my nails!  For the base color, I ended up with my new colors from the Summer Flutter Collection called Flit a Bit.  It's a super bright orange, no shimmer.  Like most of the oranges that I have, this color goes on very streaky.  I don't know what it is about orange, or maybe it's their formula, but it's always streaky when I use them.  Hmm.. After one coat, it's pretty thick, yet streaky, and you may need about 2-3 coats to get the streaks out of it.

I knew I was going to cover up my nails with something cool so I decided two coats was enough for me.  You really can't tell.  Using the image plate from Bundle Monster (BM-209) I did a funky, squiggly (for lack of better terms) design in Diva of Geneva from the Swiss Collection.  I really love this color for stamping.  Over the top of the whole design, I put a coat of Pure Pearlfection from Essie over the top. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flowers for my Sister!

I was hanging out with my sister and my soon to be brother this weekend, and of course, I wanted to do her nails.  It's what I do.  :)  

I brought over about three colors for her to choose from and I guess it didn't matter what color because I already knew what I was going to do for a design.  She chose Fly from the Nicki Minaj Collection which is a great color.  I talked about it in my Nicki Minaj Collection post a few weeks back.

For her I decided to do a simple yet effective design that was pretty much flowers in the corners of her nails.  Pretty simple right?  Not really.  Took a while and then I had to decide what else to do to them.  Ugh.  They turned out great though.  I used a silver, silver glitter, and white striper for the flowers and Light My Sapphire by OPI for the dots.  Hope you like it!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Retro Design

This will be a quick post, but for this design I watched a few..dozen..Youtube videos to finally decide on a design.  This design is an easy one, but kind of difficult at the same time.  It uses a lot of lines and dots and smaller dots and I don't have the biggest nails.  Anyways, it was a tutorial from IndigoNova1.  It looks really cool how she did it..
I used Holly from Zoya for the base color and if you check my Zoya Page you can see what I think about it.  I'm gonna tell you again.  I LOVE THIS COLOR.  Oh my.. it's fantastic.  Absolutely love it.  Anyways..here's my design!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Delicious Jelly Sandwich

Today I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich..but that's not what this post is about.  I made my very own, jelly sandwich--but with nail polish.  I think that's what they call them nowadays.  Here's my tiff about that..Why is it called a jelly sandwich?  When you layer your sorbet/jelly colors, you aren't putting those in the middle.  Do you call a sandwich with jelly in the middle a bread sandwich?  No.  You call it a jelly sandwich..  If anything, they should be calling it a Sparkle Sandwich or a Jelly on Toast orrr just something else cuz I can't think of anything.  So here it is.  What I have done for my Sparkle Sandwich/Jelly on Toast/Whatever..

For my first layer of this so called sandwich, I did a coat of I'm India Mood for Love from the India Collection.  This first layer is actually very opaque and didn't really show any streaking at all.  It's a very bright, light pink with no shimmer.  Very flat but glossy. 
For the meat of my sandwich, I decided on a smaller glitter, with a lot of shimmer on the micro-glitter scale.  This one is just one layer of Spark de Triomphe from one of the Serena Williams Duo Packs.  It went on kind of thick, and I realize that a lot of this kind of nail art has much bigger sizes of glitter, I think I actually prefer how this looks. 

For the last slice of bread in this sandwich, I put a nice thick layer of Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em.  It's usually a darker pink when you put 2-3 coats on your nail.  But, as you can see with this base, it turned a really HOT pink which, as the name describes, should be how it turns out.  There it is.  I really don't have a single color that looks like this which is great because I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I can't stop looking at my nails!!   
I really wanted to try this sandwich with my new Y'all Come Back Ya Hear! that I got recently, but I wasn't ready for a hot orange just yet.  Maybe later in the week.  In addition to this sorbet orange, I got a color from a summer collection two summers ago, called Flit a Bit from the Summer Flutter collection.  It's so BRIGHT and beautiful.  Can't wait to swatch it and do a cool design! :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Pabst Blue Ribbon Nails? Yes.

You are probably wondering why I am doing these nails.  It's very random, I know.  The fact is, I really don't know..one day I was thinking to myself about what I could possibly do next.  I mean I could do a number of things on my nails, but I saw a Pabst Blue Ribbon in the fridge at home and thought, has anyone done this before?  I did what anyone else would do in this situation and Googled it.  Nothing.  Nowhere.  Amazing.  I'll be the first..at least that has been documented thus far.

So here it is.  I did it.  No particular reason, just felt like it.  I started off by doing this on a nail wheel just to see if I liked what I did, and of course it isn't perfect, but it's the best I can do!  I used Designer Series Radiance for the base color of the nail.  I was thinking of using Birthday Babe because it would look more like a can, but I really like the look of the Designer Series color.

Being that it's my new obsession to do french tips, I incorporated that in here as well.  For my thumbs and ring fingers, I did a red striper color as the tips and for the rest of my fingers, I used Blue My Mind from the Brights Collection.  I did a red stripe across the fingers with red tips using a striper.  As for the ribbons, I used Blue My Mind as well and made them using a dotting tool.  I didn't feel as though my smallest dotter would suffice for the lettering, I used a toothpick to write PBR over the ribbon.  I mean, with such a small canvas, I could not write the full Pabst Blue Ribbon over it.  I'm new to this..Give me some slack! :)

Here they are..my super hipster nails.  You know, I did this before everyone else. haha.

Friday, January 20, 2012


I'm guessing this will come as quite a shock to some people who know me, but I did get another brand of polish and I plan on collecting them!  I LOVE THEM!  Not only are there tons of colors to choose from, but they are all so different from OPI!  

I know what you're thinking..Why don't you collect China Glaze too then?  Their colors are super different as well..Well I'll tell ya!  My best friend Tawny collects China Glaze and I don't feel like stepping on her feet about it (although she might need to get over the fact that I'm so getting the collection of China Glaze called Colours from the Capital which is the Hunger Games collection.)  

Anyways, Zoya nail polish is awesome because they are made for natural nails and have the Vegan formula (No formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, and camhpor).  The reason why I got these was because I saw there was a great deal you could get on Zoya.com in which you could get 2 free just paying shipping or if you spend over $25 you got free shipping.  DONE!  

So from left to right, here are the colors I got:  Savita (matte), Malia, Rina, Holly, Tallulah, and Twila.

Love them so far!  Any suggestions of other must haves from Zoya?  Let me know!!

Pink Friday French Tips

My friend wanted me to do her nails last night, but she only wanted one color.  Pink Friday.  It's understandable..it's a great color.  Also..I just realized, IT'S FRIDAY! AHH!  (Get it?  Pink Friday, on Friday!?)
I wasn't quite sure of what to do, so I decided to try out doing some french tips on her.  I think it turned out pretty well.  It's nothing too exciting but it does the job.  I put some Northern Lights over the top to give it a little flair.  I was thinking of putting Save Me on it, but I didn't want to ruin the effect of the tips.  Thought those sparkles would have been too much.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ski Teal We Drop

The next color on my agenda is called Ski Teal We Drop from the Swiss Collection.  Yes, I know, this color is from many collections ago, but I just realized how much I like the color!  I guess my tastes in colors are changing..

This color, though very different than the other colors in this collection, is very nice.  It's just a flat, dark blue that surprisingly, goes on completely opaque in one coat.  I was seriously considering NOT doing a second coat..that's how positive I was about the coverage.  Didn't even turn out streaky at all.  Very even color all around..and what's funny is that it's the best I've ever painted my nails.  Never painted outside the lines!

Anyways, for my design this time, I saw a picture on Pinterest.com of a way to do striped nails with shatter colors.  I guessed as to how they did the stripes so I used tape to section off what was going to be my stripes.  For this I used a White Shatter color with a silver glitter striper.  Very simple, but pretty effective I think.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Intricate French Tips!

For the first time ever, I did some french tips.  Crazy right?  I mean, yeah I have done some before that were Konad stamped in a slant, but I'm talking real french tips.  Okay, as real as I can make them with the talent I have..

I started off with a base coat like usual, and topped it off with one layer of Passion, which is a very sheer, nude color that I got for this reason!  Good thing I can use it now.  :D  Next, I took a Konad stamper to my nail in the flowery design on plate M73.  I've used this design before on Come to Poppy over this summer, but I haven't done something like this!  Next, I used my Northern Lights hologram polish to top off the design and give it a little flair.  Finally, I painted on my french tips in black.  Of course, I did have a little help from Orly Half Moon French Manicure Tips.  I can never make a straight line like that so I definitely utilized this..

This is something I never thought I would ever really do on my nails until I was able to go to get my nail tech license, but dang.  Love it.  Definitely makes it look as though my nails were a little longer!  It's FANTASTIC!

Friday, January 13, 2012

All a Twitter

I was pleased this week when I tried All a Twitter from Chick Nail Polish yesterday and found that this color is shiny as none other.  This is a fantastic color which can be bought at www.ChickNailPolish.com and usually there are great deals there too!

First off for this color, obviously I had said it was a super high gloss finish to it which is always nice.  Another great aspect of this color is that it is very thick, but that can be taken two ways as well.  I like the thicker nail lacquer because it gives my nails a thicker guard between me and the world around me.  I like the protection.  I do find this thicker polish to be able to chip easier than if it was a little less viscous.  Hasn't happened thus far, so I'm not mad.  

Another great thing about this polish is that it dries fairly quickly, of course, not as quick as OPI but I think that is just the thickness of the polish.  It goes on opaque in just one coat, but I always add a second for good measure.  This is a really nice light blue which can be comparable to For Audrey from China Glaze, and possibly What's With the Cattitude? from the Shrek Collection from OPI.  There is no shimmer, no sparkle, just a flat light blue.

For my design on them today, I decided to go with some more glitter..I always love a good glitter on my nails.  First, I did a Konad stamp on top of flowers from plate M2 in black special polish.  Then, using my body glitter from Wal-Mart, I polished on some glitter fading out toward the tip of the nail in light green.  Kind of reminds me of spring and grass with flowers coming out.  (It's reminding me of what I can't wait for when all this SNOW disappears!)  I guess it's one of my new favorite things to use, the glitter, because it makes any manicure look fabulous!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Get Flecked!

I went to Sally's the other day looking for some nail supplies when I stumbled upon a really cool looking top coat.  It was by Finger Paints but justifying that it was only just a top coat, I bought two of them.  They had flecks of different flakes of glitter in them and they reminded me of Zoya's Fleck Effect Polish.  They were, however, called Special Effects and the ones I bought were called Flecked and Asylum.
Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow

I did my sister's nails and she decided that she wanted to do one of these top coats.  I used Flecked which is a bluish-green color of glitter flakes.  This polish works really well.  In just one coat you have a subtle sparkle, but if you use two coats of it, it really makes the flakes pop on the nail!  I would suggest however, using these top coats on a darker color like black, navy blue, or dark green to make the glitter more noticeable.  I used it on Did It On 'Em a little while back, and you could barely tell.  On my sister's nails, I used Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow.  Here's what it looks like!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? is another color from the Touring America Collection and I got this one for Christmas this year!  I really do enjoy this color.  It is a very springy color (like the season) because of the dark coral of the color and the soft shimmer it has to it.  There are very subtle gold glitters in this color which I like.  You can't really tell in these pictures but it's definitely there.

I thought this color went on really nicely making a very opaque layer for first application.  I always like to add a second layer no matter how thick the polish so what you see is two layers.  Not sure how long it will last, but I guess I will find out!  This color is also the color for Milwaukee in the Touring America Collection which I thought was awesome because I'm from WISCONSIN!

I decided to go with a Bundle Monster stamping design on my nails, this one being plate BM-225.  I used the white stamping polish for it then finished it off with the gold top coat called Glitter Bit of Music.  This just added a little more glitter to the color because I wanted to bring it out more.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Nicki Minaj Collection!..

First up on the agenda is called Did It On 'Em obviously from the Nicki Minaj Collection.  I really do enjoy this color which is a really bright lime green.  For this color, it takes about two-three coats to get it evenly opaque.  It is completely worth it if you are looking for a really unique look.  This line of colors really outdone themselves because I never had one single chip in the entire week I wore it. 
I added Save Me on top of Did It On 'Em and this is how it turned out.  This glitter is really unique for OPI (I've seen it in other brands).  It is mainly rainbow long sparkles but looks mainly blue when looking at it.  There is also some nice silver micro glitter in there as well.  It's a great top coat but if you use about two-three coats of it, you can get it opaque which looks really cool too!
So I had to try out my new Special Effects Collection top coat called Flecked which has flecks of greenish-blue glitter.  Tried it over the top of Did It On 'Em and this is how it turned out.  Very subtle on this lime green but if it were on black, it would have a much different effect.

This next color is called Fly and this is actually on my mom's nails.  This is just two coats and it goes on very evenly and opaque in just those coats.  One thick coat may even suffice!  I really love this blue and really, I have no other blue like it in my collection, and it's a big collection!  My friends always joke with me and say all my colors look the same, which to me they DON'T!  But they honestly said there was nothing like it.  I love it.  Very good on not chipping as well and tops off with a really nice high gloss finish.
Here is Fly with Save Me over the top.  Gives a much different effect than on Did It On 'Em.  Can definitely see the blue more in this one..
And last but not least, here is Pink Friday.  If I could wear this color all the time, I would.  This is the most perfect bubble-gum pink I have ever seen.  This is a very creamy light pink that contrary to the other colors in this collection, kind of chips a little easier, but not huge chips, just little barely noticeable ones.  Anyways, this goes on nicely in two coats but you may want to have a third to make it more even and opaque.  I found that the brush got caught at my cuticles and left those spots a little bare. 

Here is Save Me on Pink Friday.  Again, very different look to it.  Kind of looks like birthday cake or strawberry ice-cream with sprinkles on top!  Delicious!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Metallic 4 Life..

This was the second color I tried in the Nicki Minaj Collection called Metallic 4 Life.  I absolutely love this color and is on my toes right now, too!  This is a really nice black that has the silver glitter flakes in it.  Although the black is not very opaque, it covers nicely in just two coats.  (Maybe a third is appropriate..)  

This color is very bad-ass, but it also chips pretty easily because of the intense glitter in it which is disappointing..  So far on my toes, there has been no chipping but my toes rarely chip when I have nail polish on them.  One other problem with this color is that because the glitters are so intense and chunky, after each coat you may want to push back the glitter at the tips or you will snag things and could increase the chances of chipping.  I learned that the hard way but an easy fix for this is a very fine nail file and lightly go over the edges.