Monday, April 30, 2012

Zoya Kristen

I just got a couple new Zoya colors, just randoms, and decided to go with Kristen.  This is a really pale, periwinkle that is just a flat color.  Very creamy color that is a little bit lighter than China Glaze's Secret Periwinkle.  Goes on very thick in the first coat which is great!  Love this color because for some reason, I've been very into lighter colors..maybe it's the spring!

For the top design, I used my white Konad stamping polish and my black polish for stamping a Bundle Monster design.  I used BM-225... After I was done, I used Essie's Pure Pearlfection then sponged a gradient of Essie's Set in Stones.  Hope you like!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Awesomness

That's right everyone..I have finally done it!  HARRY POTTER NAILS!  I know, I know.. why haven't I done this sooner??  I really don't know because I really want to do another set of these because there are just so many ideas!

When I did my Hunger Games nails last March, someone had commented that they wanted me to do some Harry Potter nails because of the release of the e-books.  It's funny because I was really looking for a reason to do Harry Potter nails but because the movies are all released, and the books, there was really nothing drawing me to it.  But this was perfect!! 

There is a lot going on in here so I'll start thumb --> pinky.  
--Fit for a Queensland
--China Glaze's Electrify and Riveting from the Hunger Games Collection
--Zoya's Holly
--The It Color
--China Glaze's You Move Me (magnetic)

I really love the Gryffindor nail because of Electrify.. It was the perfect glitter for it!! The rest, I made into little "scarf" stripes finishing them off with a little glitter stripers from their house colors.  On my thumbs, I used my dotting tools, brushes, and acrylic paints to draw a Deathly Hallows symbol and a little lightning bolt with HP written on it.  Hope you enjoy!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Zoya Carly

I know it's been a while since I've done anything on my nails, but it's been a longggg weekend!  I'm back though and that's all that matters..

OPI really hasn't come out with a new collection in a while and so I've just been buying other random colors and I got a HUGE Zoya haul recently (Zoya Beach and Surf Collection).  I only bought two colors from the Beach portion, but I got the whole Surf Collection and I am very pleased with it.  All of the colors are foiled and are very bright and beachy.  

The first one I tried on was Zoya Carly.  This is a deep, purply wine color that is foiled and actually goes on really think in one coat.  I have found that pretty much all Zoya colors go on pretty thick though..must be the formula!  It is a very shimmery color and I really don't have a similar one in my OPI colors.  I mean, The One that Got Away is pretty much the only comparable one to it, but even that is a little bit lighter than Carly.  

Over the top, I used my light blue Konad stamping polish and the Red Angel plate, RA-109 for the design.  I used tape to mark off the part that I didn't want covered in the design and then, because the edge looked a little to precise, I used a silver glitter striper to finish it off.  It was all together topped off with a top coat and it definitely makes everything so much shinier!! I love it!! :D

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday (Happy Birthday to ME!)

Well it is my birthday today.. the big old 21 years!  I decided it would be nice, with my old age, to do something fun, but sophisticated on my nails.  I just got some new Zoya colors in the mail yesterday, and one was conveniently called Wednesday and is from the Zoya Beach collection.  (The Surf collection came in the mail today!)  
I really love this color because it reminds me of a darker For Audrey by China Glaze but with a mix of Mermaid's Tears from The Pirates of the Caribbean Collection from OPI.  It's just a flat color, but the formula is very thick and looks opaque in just one coat.  Of course, me being crazy, I needed two coats.  I cannot say how much I love this color.. there are no words and the pictures I'm sure don't do it justice.

Next, using my Konad nail art plates, I stamped on silver polka dots and little black bows over the top.  It reminds me of presents which is probably why I did that! Then, experimenting with the whole, "Caviar Manicure" nail trend, I poured on silver micro-beads on my ring fingers as a feature nail.  It looks really cool but I don't think I have that down quite yet.. I really do believe that you need to put them on while your nail polish is drying not like how I did it.  (I put on a thick coat of top coat and then poured on the beads.  I don't think it stuck as well..)  

Well there it is.. Wednesday Wednesday's.  Okay.. maybe that won't catch on for me.  :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Thunderstorm Nails!

Me being a nerd and totally loving how many storms were sweeping the nation this past weekend, I decided to take that inspiration on to my nails.  Yes a tornado touched down where I live, but thankfully, it was only on my nails. ;)

I started by using My Pointe Exactly from the New York City Ballet Collection as a base color.  I thought this would be a great color because it's not very opaque and looks kind of ominous like a storm is rolling in.  It gives just enough of a gray color to my nails that it doesn't overpower the design.  Also, because it has a jelly formula, it looks kind of squishy and cloudy.  

Next, using a sponge, my acrylic paints, and French Quarter for Your Thoughts? from the Touring America Collection, I sponged on some scary looking clouds.  (By the way, that is a technical term..I am a trained weather spotter.)  Next, using a thin paint brush, I painted on some tornadoes, lightning, and then dotted on little tiny raindrops.

I am really excited about how these turned out and I hope you enjoy these crazy designs!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A...Nail?

Yes that's right everyone.. I will be showing you some fuzzy nails.  How do people come up with this stuff? I don't know.. is the right answer.  It's amazing how many different manicures you can do with just random stuff you find around the house, or the local Michael's Craft Store.  I know this may be overdone by now, but it's my first time trying out this particular type of manicure that has been sweeping the nail blogs for the past couple weeks.  What is this you ask?  Fuzzy nails..I already said that.

Anyways..for this new manicure, which I am calling "The Fuzzy Manicure" is flocking fantastic; it truly is!  You can buy this material called flocking powder which is mainly used for scrapbooking because it gives a very velvety feeling to whatever you apply it to.  Other people have been doing this type for a while and I decided it looked interesting and I was willing to try it.  I found the greatest deal at Michael's when I went and got a bunch of different colors to try out and the first color I chose was Hydrangea.  

But before flocking my nails I needed a base color.  I used A Grape Fit which is an old color, but one of my favorites.  It's a nice pastel, light, flat purple that is actually pretty thick.  Goes on nicely, but a little streaky with just one coat, so I did two.  You may even need three if you are feeling adventurous.  This time while doing my flocking activities, I let everything completely dry then added a top coat.  One nail at a time, I poured some flocking powder over the top, patting it in each time I added some more.  And there you have it.  Velvety nails.

I'm not going to lie to you.  I only had it on a day and haven't figured out exactly how I will do it the next time because something needs to change.  I don't believe that I did the greatest job on it my first try..but who ever does?  Here's what I got so far and I will update you on any other times I try.  Also, it's very weird to have on your nails.  Like..really weird.  

Side Note:  When buying the flocking powder, I would suggest buying the bigger containers of it because the little ones are packed in so tight that it's really hard to shake it out and get an even coat! :D

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Connect the Dots!

I got my Lynnderella polishes last week and finally got a chance to wear one of them..Connect the Dots!  I have gotten so many compliments on these and it's one of the easiest designs I have ever done.  It really requires no work..that's how awesome it is!!

First, I start off with a base color of Kiss Me on the Tulips from the Holland Collection which is one of the bright colors in the collection, but I haven't worn it yet.  It's a super bright, hot pink, that is flat, but does the job.  It's not a super special pink by any means, but it is very pretty.  Goes on really nice in just one coat, but two is always needed.  

Next, I put on two coats of Connect the Dots.  If you haven't heard about it..where have you been!?  It's one of the most desired colors in the whole Lynnderella line of colors, in my opinion at least.  At first, I thought it was just a clear top coat with hexagons, micro-glitters, and strips of black and white.  When getting my hands on it, you can see some shimmer in the base of the color.  It's fantastic!! Gives your flat polish just what it needs to glam it up.  I really love the pink with this because it makes it POP!

I actually got a compliment from one of my professors today about how cool they look.  Asked me how I did that and he was completely baffled.  I don't think he gets the idea of a glittered top coat.. haha.  But he did make a cool observation..from a little ways away, it kind of looks like splatter!  It's so cool realizing it.  

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!! I hope you will have a wonderful day with family and friends, but before that..CHECK THIS OUT! :)

I used Don't Touch My Tutu! from the New York City Ballet Collection as the base color, stamped on some polka dots and painted on cool little stripes and zig-zags with my stripers.  I used pastel colors to give it a more Easter feel.. I topped everything off with some Spectraflair and called it a day.  Have a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lynnderellas Have Arrived!!

Amazingness in a bottle.  I was so lucky to have gotten these colors, and boy do I feel honored.  I first discovered Lynnderella polishes when I joined Pinterest; they were EVERYWHERE!  The first that I saw was Connect the Dots.  It was truly unlike anything I had ever seen in a nail polish (and I know I say that a lot!).  So, I joined her blog.  

Everything she makes is beautiful, truly.  I kept hearing news about a new collection coming out, and the availability to finally buy again.  I was ecstatic!  I watched her blog almost every day and finally, she said her collections would be in a shop on-line, but then..something happened.  She decided that it would not work well with how many people were pining over her nail polish to let it be available for everyone.  If it were in a real store, there would be hair pulling..I'm sure of it.

So naturally, I e-mailed someone about it.  Alas!  I was invited for her special ordering and got these three beautiful polishes.  Connect the Dots, Love Potion No. 99, and the Glitter Tamer.  All are gorgeous.  I cannot wait to use them and show swatches, even though I'm sure you can find a million other blogs that have the swatches already.  Well you know what!  I'm late to the party.  :)

I Wanna See Your PEACOCK!

Welcome back everyone..wait a second.  That's to myself.. I'm BACK!  If you even cared, I was on vacation for a bit and I haven't really done any nail art lately, but today I have a special treat!  I was really excited to do this design because I saw it on Pinterest and said, I can do that!  So I did it.  If you can't tell by the title, they are peacock inspired.  LOVE THEM!  I have gotten so many compliments on them so far so I hope you love them as well.

First, I started with a base color of Swimsuit...Nailed It! from the Miss Universe Collection.  I really love this color because it goes on really nicely in just one coat, but two is always welcome.  It's a dark, sparkly blue and the only bad thing I can say about it is that it STAINS your nails.  Had it on my toes and my toenails were a bluish green for about a month while they were growing out.  Ugh.  Over the top, I have Absolutely Alice from the Alice in Wonderland Collection.  I didn't want to just do this color because it is one of the first mega-glitters that OPI came out with and the formula isn't quite down yet.  They have really gotten better at doing those mega-glitters because they don't chip as easily anymore.  These do, hence the top coat.  

Next, using my light green and dark green stripers, I swished on some feathery looking lines over the top to make it look like the, well...feathers.  Using a dotting tool, I used Glitzerland, Just Groovy, and Russian Navy for the circles.

For the feature nails, which are my fore-fingers, I used a Red Angel plate (RA-102) for the little peacocks in white Konad special polish.  I sponged Fresh Frog of Bel-Air from The Muppets Collection over the top to give it a little pizazz.  Enjoy!