Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spiderman Collection!

What do you think of when you think of Spiderman?  Spiders?  Webs?  Bright reds and royal blues?  That's what I think of at least.. and maybe some ripped Toby McGuire.. :D  Not only can you think of those things, but also OPI!  I first heard about this new collection coming up this July and was super duper excited for it.  I love Spiderman and all I could think of was the cool new blues, reds, and whites they could think up!  Of course I also thought this would come with 12 colors.. but now they have released some pictures of what's going on with the collection.

What do you think about this collection?  I don't think I'm extremely satisfied with it, maybe because all the colors are COMPLETELY different, or because (at least from these pictures) they look like they've been done before?  Where's the red!?  But I'm sure that when I get the collection, I'm going to be in love with it!  I always am.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dutch Ya Just Love OPI?

Seriously.  Don't ya?  I really love the new collection..I didn't know how much I did until, just now.  But after reviewing all these colors so far, I've decided that the colors are amazing, some bright and some pastel, some shimmery and some flat.  Amazing..just what a collection should be!

This time I tried out Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? which is a dark purple with pinkish-gold micro-glitters in it.  Very shimmery and very subtle touch of glitter.  It is a very thick color, but can go on a little streaky.  I have not had a problem with chipping yet, but who does when they change their color every other day?

For the design on top today, I used my French Quarter for your Thoughts? from the Touring America Collection for side-swiped tips and topped off with a pastel blue striper.  Using my new pastel blue Konad special polish, I stamped a flower from my Red Angel plates (RA-109).  I hope you like this!  It's very simple, but you'd be surprised how many compliments I've gotten on it!! Weird.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baby Shower Nails!

I'm super excited for these nails, not only because they are super adorable, but because of what they are leading to...a BABY!  Okay, so my nails aren't the cause of the baby, but I am going to a baby shower tomorrow and wanted to celebrate by doing my nails.  My cousin and his girlfriend are having a baby, due in April (what a great month!) and we don't know if it's a boy or a girl, so I have done something for both!

I first started of with my right hand using Got a Date To-Knight for the base color.  It's a very sheer, pastel pink that was actually quite perfect for this.  I used Teenage Dream for a sparkle top coat on the ring finger nail.  I used white and black polish for the eyes on the baby on the thumbs and a black striper for the hair.  Using a dotting tool, I made the rattle on each middle finger then used a white, pastel pink, and pastel blue, for the stripes in the rattle.  For the "girl" side, I have a pastel purple bow (Konad M59).

On the left side, I started off with What's With the Cattitude? for the base color for the "boy."  The only differences on this side are the pastel green balloons (RA-103) and a pastel pink cat/dog/bear thing (Konad M2).  For the sparkle ring finger is used Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry Colleciton.  I hope you enjoy! 

Congratulations Kevin and Rachel!! :D

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pedal Faster Suzi!

I feel like I haven't posted anything in forever, but this week has been super crazy!  I'm just happy it's almost over!  

Anyways, I did this design a couple days ago using Pedal Faster Suzi! from the Holland Collection.  It is a really great color and kind of reminds me of a more opaque Princesses Rule!  I absolutely love that color and I geeked when I saw this new one.  It's a very light, baby pink, that has a little whitish shimmer to it.  You will need two-three coats to get your nail fully covered.

Recently, I got about nine new stamping polishes (red, pastel orange, pastel pink, pastel green, green, pastel blue, blue, pastel purple, and silver).  They were all pretty cheap on Amazon so it was worth it!  Of course when I have been itching to use them in one way or another, I used one of my older special polishes for my design.  Using the black pearl polish, I stamped on a pretty flower design from Konad plate M64.  
And now that I used this polish again, I realized that maybe it's not the Matte polish that smeared the polish, because when I used a very wet brush, it smeared..again!  Ugh.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I Don't Give a Rotterdam!

You know.. this title is actually perfect for how I am feeling right now.  I really just don't give a Rotterdam about doing nail art this time!  I'm just gonna do a little swatch of this new OPI Holland collection color that I got called I Don't Give a Rotterdam!  

Pay no mind to the cut on my middle finger.. both of my hands are kind of messed up right now, don't ask me why, but this was the best I could do.  I even tried to cover it up! Ha!

Anyways, this color is absolutely perfect.  It's a nice pastel blue with little gold flecks in it.  Very shimmery!  Goes on with a very glossy finish, and in just two coats, you have perfect coverage.  The first coat is very sheer so you will need a second coat, no third because it is kind of thick.  So here it is, no nail art this time cuz I'm not up to it, and let's be honest, who really wants to cover this color up anyways?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vampsterdam and MuteMath

I am seriously so PUMPED for this weekend.  You know why?  I get to go see MuteMath again in concert at the Chicago House of Blues!  Woot!  And of course what better way to celebrate this great event, but by painting my nails with their inspiration! 

But first I must explain what Vampsterdam has to do with this..  You see, I got my Holland Collection from OPI on Monday and am just amazed by all the colors in it.  You have the dark colors, the pastels, and the neons...all in one!  I think my two favorites are I Don't Give a Rotterdam (probably because of the name!) and Red Lights Ahead...Where? (fantastic neon red).  I'm really excited to try those out with cool designs.

Although those are my two favorites, I decided to hold back on those for a little while and go with Vampsterdam for my first swatch.  I figured that would be the best color for the look I was going for for this weekend.  Vampsterdam is one of the dark colors in the collection and comes in deep burgundy purple.  Very glossy finish with a little metallic flair to it.  It goes on great in 2-3 coats because the first coat goes on a little streaky.  I really love this color because I really don't have another color like it in all of my purples.  (Of course I probably say that about all my other colors, but I swear it's true!)

For the design, I used my stamps this time for some splatter on my nails instead of a straw.  That gets a little messy for me and wastes a lot of polish.  My new Konad stamp, M70 had a cool splatter design on it so I used that with my white, yellow, light pink, and light blue stamping polishes.  For my feature nail, I cut of half of it and stuck the MuteMath symbol inside with a gold striper to finish it off.  It is quite similar to the ones I did before, but has a little different flair.  Hope you like it! :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Nails Round 2

This next design, which I will end up having on my nails for Valentine's Day (because I have no time today to re-do them) is what I'm about to show you.  It didn't turn out the way I wanted it to and I'm sure it would have looked a lot better if I didn't screw it up!

Let me start by saying that when you do Konad stamping and want to have a matte finish to it, you MUST use a regular glossy top coat before the matte top coat.  Even though I had a ton of top coat on my brush when I went over the design, it still smeared!  Never had that problem with a glossy coat.  It made me so mad!  Maybe it's how thick the matte is?  Maybe it's the different formula?  Who knows!?  I guess I know what to do next time!

I'm sure you can see the smearing, but you get the picture right?  I did a feature nail too!

So here's the low down on the design.  I first started out with My Address is Hollywood from the Touring America Collection.  It's a very nice pinkish coral color with little golden flecks in it.  Goes on very opaque in one coat, although it is a little streaky.  Two coats is perfect!  For the feature nails, I used Black Onyx.  

For the stamping, I used Konad plate M59 for the hearts on the thumbs in white and black pearl stamping polish.  Then, for the stringy hearts, I used Konad plate M83 (which is a new plate and it's fantastic!  Has a cat on it! :)) for all the other fingers.  On the feature nail, I used A Cut Above from the Essie Luxeffects Collection.

To top everything off, I used Essie's Matte About You.  Works perfectly!  I hope you enjoy even though it was a little smeared!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Nails #1

I'm not a huge Valentine's Day fan, but since I've been doing nail art a lot recently, for everything, I decided to join in and try it out.  I watched a nail tutorial recently from CutePolish and she did a really cute design for Valentine's Day.  I tried it out and I'm super happy with the results!
I first started out with one coat of In the Spot-Light Pink from the Femme de Cirque Collection from OPI.  You can't really tell it's on my nails, but it's better than having it completely naked right?!  After that layer was completely dry, I used a piece of tape to help guide me in polishing half of my nail with Pink Friday from the Nicki Minaj Collection.  After that was slightly dry, I used a pink and a white striper to make a plaid look on the Pink Friday part of my nail.  Then, I lined it with a silver glitter striper.
After all that was completed, I topped it off with my Out the Door Top Coat and placed a heart or three on each nail.  I got them at Sally's for $3!  Super cute! :)  Hope you like!  I will be doing another Valentine's Day design again soon.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

3 Plums..I Win!! (Red Angel Try #2)

I just bought this color and was really impressed with it.  I had no idea, but this was from the Las Vegas Collection and is called 3 Plums..I Win!  Makes sense, right?  It's a discontinued color and was quite expensive when I bought it but so worth it.  Goes on kind of sheer in one coat, but when you do a second coat, it is very opaque and a very beautiful purple.  It's very shiny, shimmery, and sort of has a Sahara Sapphire like finish.  It's not like any purple I have in my collection, and as a bonus, it still has the original brush! (No Pro-Wide here!)
The next step in my three/four step process, was stamping my nails with Rumple's Wiggin' from the Shrek Collection.  This is a nice pastel purple which went on quite nicely if I say so myself.  I little uneven, but I like how it turned out.  I used my Red Angel plates and this one really caught my eye and is RA-104.  All the plate I've tried have been very deep, and although they catch a little around the edges on my "lint free cotton pads," they work very well.  I'm in love.
The last step(s) in this process was the french tips and the sponged on sparkle tips.  I used Rumple's Wiggin' for the tips using my tip guides.  Using my new Luxeffect's Set in Stones, I sponged along the tips faded it out to the cuticles.  I'm really happy with the end result and can't stop looking at my nails.  They are so shiny!
(sorry it's a little rough around the edges)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Red Angel First Try

This picture didn't come out the best, but you still can see it right?  Hope so because I was very pleased with this one.  I ordered some Red Angel Nail Art Plates because I heard good things about them and as a plus, you get 21 plates for less than $15! (Amazon)  This is RA-114 and it has some trippy designs on it, but this one is obviously the hearts.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day coming up, I decided to try this one out on my friend Brianne.  She already had her nails painted red using, as she said, E.L.F. nail polish.  Don't know the color, but it's a deep, burgundy red.  It stays on pretty nicely for a polish that's only a dollar..two days no chipping!

I used the white stamping polish for the hearts and topped it off with Northern Lights to give it a nice subtle sparkle.  As for the plate itself, I am very happy.  You can notice a little shadowing, but that's my fault.  The images that I have tried so far come out SO crisp and beautiful.  I'm in love with these plates and can't wait to try out more things!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Nails

Today is the Superbowl.  Do I really care about football or the teams that are in it?  No.  Not really.. but the commercials are great and the half-time show is MADONNA!  Yay!  I mean, let's be honest..who do you think should really be in the Superbowl this year?  That's right.  The Packers.  That's not what I did here though.

For these nails, I decided to go all out.  I made those nail stickers that you make on a plastic bag.  Pretty easy actually!  They turned out nice.  They were just for the helmet logos of the NY Giants and the New England Patriots.  Next, I did footballs on my ring fingers using Sinful Colors' Mercury Rising and a white striper.  For the base color of the Patriot's nails, I used Birthday Babe and for the Giants I used Russian Navy.  I used my Konad stamping images for the letters of XLVI.  I really like how they turned out and I hope you do too!

Enjoy the game!!  "And may the odds be ever in your favor" (if you are a gambler and you read The Hunger Games!) :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Savita Feathers

I decided since I wore OPI last time and that I have a large supply of Zoya built up over the past couple of weeks, I would wear some.  For my next Zoya creation, I used Savita which is the color I wanted the most ever since I saw my first Konad tutorial on Youtube.  I love this color.

This is one of their matte colors which I am very impressed with.  So far, after wearing it for 12 hours, it has not even chipped or worn down on the tips.  It's fantastic!  I'm sorry to say this, but OPI's matte colors, don't last very long.  At all.  Very disappointing although they did have great colors.  So this is a very dark purple with some nice shimmer to it.  It also dries very quickly which is great because I'm so impatient!

For the design this time, I used one of my Konad image plates (M78).  It kind of reminds me of feathers, hence the name of my post. I used Designer Series Radiance for the image because I don't have a silver Konad polish and because I thought it would look great on the design.  I was right.  It's great. 

The images shown are without a top coat to show you the matte finish on my nails.  I did end up putting a top coat over the top of the whole design to seal it all in.