Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween! (Updated!)

Happy Halloween everyone!  For this great and joyous occasion, I may have accidentally killed.....a bottle of red nail polish.  Almost had you going.  But I did some blood splatter nails, inspired by Dexter, but for the holiday.  I started off with Alpine Snow and did two coats of that to completely cover the nail.  Over that, I took a straw and dipped it in some Girls Just Wanna Play and sprayed it all over my nails.  It makes a great effect on the nail, looking like paint splatter..or in this case.. BLOOD!

I have also heard if you don't want to use up a good red polish, that you can use acrylic paint too, but you would definitely need a nice top coat to seal it in.

**I re-did these nails because of the poor shape of them before.  I feel as though this look a hell of a lot better than before and I hope you enjoy them! :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011


I went to Wal-Mart the other day to get a few random items and they had a little $.97 area for Halloween/Fall scrapbooking items.  I was looking at them and found GLITTER!!  Not just like the chunky glitter you get for covering spirit sticks or whatever, but really fine body glitter that you can totally use for nails.  It was amazing because a four pack was only a dollar!  So I got 3 four 12 colors!  I was in heaven because at Sally's you can get them for like $3.50 a vile.  

Right away I did my toes with some teal glitter and they looked amazing.  I showed everyone.  Did my mom's toes and then did one of my resident's fingers and my good friend's fingers.  I'm showing you my friend Aly's nails.  I did a half moon manicure on her with Rumple's Wiggin' (NL B91) which is a light purple from the Shrek Collection.  Over the top, I used my Out the Door Topcoat, one of my older ones, and took the purple glitter and dipped my brush into it.  When doing that, it spreads on like another color.  It's amazing.  Here's a picture.  They are super glamorous.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


In the spirit of MY homecoming today, I painted my friend's nails all spirited for HOMECOMING!! 

For the base color I used Funky Dunky (NL B89) on all of the nails except for the feature nail I used Black Onyx (NL T02).  For the thumb, I painted UWW with a white striper and used a top coat of Northern Lights which is by the same company that makes the Out the Door Top Coat.  On the pointer finger I used Servin' Up Sparkle (NL S98) from the Serena William's Glam Slam Duo Packs.  On the middle finger I used the Konad stamping image of M3 then used the glittery top coat.  On the feature nail with Black Onyx, I took a white striper, made a single line then put three purple rhinestones next to it.  To top it off, on the pinky, I made little white dots around the cuticle and topped it off with some sparkles.

I hope you enjoy!  GO U-DUB-DUB!! BEAT THOSE POINTERS!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Spooky Groupies..

Halloween is coming up next week and to get in the mood for it, I decided to start my week by doing some spooky nails! they are more cute than spooky, but they are still pretty awesome.  I will start with the thumb to the pinky.  :D

First up I will discuss how I made the Frankenstein thumbs.  I started off with a base color of Greenwich Village (NL B69) using two coats.  I then took a dotting tool using black nail polish and made the hair.  With a larger dotting tool I made the white eyes then made the pupils with a smaller dotting tool.  I used a black striper for the mouth and the eyebrows.  

Next, I did the spiderwebs on each hand.  I started off with the base color of Black Satin (NL T03).  I then took a white striper and made four lines coming from the bottom right of the finger and then connected them with thinner lines.  I took a silver glitter striper and went over the top of the four lines.

For the base color I used In My Back Pocket (NL B88).  I took a yellow striper and colored the two triangles and the mouth.  My left hand looks better for some reason because I'm left handed..don't know how that worked.  I used a glitter green striper for the stem.
For the mummy, I used Alpine Snow (NL L00) for the base color.  I took a dotting tool and used black nail polish for the eyes, white for the back drop of the eyes, and In My Back Pocket for the pupils.  I took a black striper to give the effect of the wrappings of the mummy.  You could do them how I did, but also, get a little creative with it.
For the base color of the skull design, I used Funky Dunky (NL B89).  I can't remember the image plate that I used for the stamp, but it is the Halloween image plate by Konad.  I used white special polish for the actual stamp. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stars with an Edge..

Here is a design that I did a while ago when I first started using Konad stamping.  I painted my nails with the base color of Gargantuan Green Grape from the OPI Brights Collection (NL B44).  For this color, you may need two-three coats of because it is kind of sheer.  It's a really nice pastel light green and is a great spring color.

Over the top, just on the tips, I used image plate M3 from Konad.  There are stars, bows, hearts, and little flowers on this image plate, nothing that covers the whole nail.  I used the black special polish for the stars.  Here are some pictures!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Because I haven't done my Konad stamping in a while, I decided that now would be the perfect time before I can do all my cool designs I thought of doing for Halloween and my personal Homecoming week. (GO WARHAWKS!)  Anyways.. I just got a new color, but new to me because it is actually a RETIRED color called Black Satin (NL T03).  It is a black color but it kind of has the same finish or shine of Sahara Sapphire from the Colorcopia Collection.  (also from a previous collection I'm not sure of) 

Over the top of this base color, I used image plate M63 from Konad..this one has the houndstooth image, swirly marbelizing looking image, and ribbons and other cool images.  I used the houndstooth image with white Konad Special Polish and did them covering my whole nail.  Take a look at the pictures! :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jump Around!

In the spirit of homecoming I did my nails for Wisconsin Badger pride..well okay, so it's not exactly my school's homecoming, but it was still awesome.  I went to the Badger game yesterday; they won 59-7 I was a slightly boring game due to Wisconsin's awesomeness. nails are painted with a base coat of Never Lon-Done Shopping! (SR 5R3).  On my thumbs, I drew white "W"s with tiny black dots on the outside of the letter.  I used Crown Me Already! (NL U02) on my pointer fingers just as a top coat.  On my middle finger, I drew a black stripe right next to a white stripe then topped the black off with a silver glitter stripe.  I drew a couple footballs on my ring fingers then on my left hand pinky, I did a dot french manicure. 

All in all..I would say I really like this design, but you can decide for yourself!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Designer Series BOLD.

I finalllllly got my new Designer Series colors in the mail this week and I was so excited because I've been waiting for two weeks now.  The first one I had to try was Designer Series BOLD (DS 041).  I seriously think this may be my most favorite pink of all time because it's really not like anything else I have.  It is very sparkly and goes opaque in just two coats, but it's not a sparkly like the usual OPI sparkles.  This actually looks like it has a base color in it instead of just pure sparkle and the glitter in it is micro glitter so it's not protruding out of your nail.  Goes on very flat so when you put a top coat on it, it has a great shine to it.  This color is more of a pinkish red, not orangish like the pictures, with pink sparkles.  (I don't have the greatest camera so these do NOT do it justice)

Sometimes when I'm just sitting in class, I look down and am just mesmerized by how sparkly and shiny they are, but then again, I might be ADHD. :)  But I love this color and next will be Designer Series Temptation so stayed tuned for that. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's My Year..

I got two new colors this weekend.  Though they are not new to OPI, they are definitely new to me and super exciting for me as well!  I haven't been able to find anything from the Nice Stems or Miss Universe collections at my Trade Secret, but when I went to Ulta this weekend, I found some that I haven't seen in person!

The first one I tried this week, is called It's My Year from the Miss Universe Collection (NL U03).  This color is kind of dark mauve-ish purple with gold tones to it.  It is very shimmery just like Catch Me in Your Net from the summer collection in 2010.  Although it has a great effect right now, I can just tell it's going to be a pain and a half to get it off with nail polish remover.  Ugh.  But anyways.. This color goes on very smooth, but has a tendency to be very light in spots that you paint.  I would definitely go with two coats, but for safe measure, maybe three.  

Also, this weekend, since I bought two I got a top coat free and of course it was an OPI topcoat which I used, because hey, I'm not gonna let a free bottle of top coat just sit there!  It's not very shiny.  I'm going to put another top coat over the top.  :(  I seriously love this color, but just thinking of it, this is just a darker, more purple Rally Pretty Pink from the Serena William's Grand Slam Duo Packs.  Has the same effect.  Lovely.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wild Life..

I was feeling a little feisty the other day, and decided I needed some animal print on my nails.  For the base coat I used Elephantastic Pink (NL I42).  This color you definitely need two coats of because the first layer goes on pretty light.  You may even need a third layer if you are not satisfied with a little area that isn't completely opaque.  This color is definitely flat, but kind of like a Barbie pink.  

Over the top, I used image plate M57 from Konad, which has cheetah and zebra prints, some fish net pattern, flowers, and lace.  I LOVE THIS PLATE.  (The picture is to the right)  I used black for the zebra and the cheetah and for the cheetah, I used a dotting tool to fill in some white in the half circles.  I hope you like it!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ice Truck Killer Dexter Nails..

I the spirit of the Dexter premiere of season 6 last night, I painted my nails like Dexter Morgan's mother, Laura Moser, painted her nails.  If anyone has not heard of Dexter, it is an amazing show about a serial killer who works for the Miami police department.  Love that show.. anyways, in the first season he finds a refrigerated truck that had a block of ice in the back containing finger tips.  They were painted like his mother used to paint her nails so, I took the colors that she did and did that to my nails.  I've been doing this for every premiere of Dexter since the second season.  The picture of them are to the left.  For the thumb I used That's Hot Pink, then moving towards the pinky, I used The It Color, Plugged in Plum, In my Back Pocket, and Teal the Cows Come Home.

I have also included a sample of what I will most likely be doing a little later in the month for Halloween and that picture is to the right.  They are completely Dexter inspired because of the blood splatter on the white.  The colors I used for that are Alpine Snow and Girls Just Want to Play.. It is just a really great red to use.

"Power-saw to the people!" -Dexter

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cracked Concrete..

This is an older design, but I figured I would share it because I like it a lot.

The base coat of this is French Quarter for your Thoughts (NL T26) by OPI from the Touring America collection.  This is a very flat darker gray color which looks much darker in the bottle but comes out very nice.  With one coat, you can get a great, thick layer.

Over the top for the design, I used an image plate from Bundle Monster, knock off of KONAD but pretty much the same idea.  It is image plate BM-208 and I used the top image that you see in the picture to the right.  I stamped the image with Diva of Geneva (NL Z17) by OPI from the Swiss collection.

I believe that the shimmery color from the nice magenta color really made the desired look even better than imagined.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Top Coat Mania..

I went to the Mute Math concert last night and let me just say... AMAZING.  Everyone should go to at least one of their concerts, because by the time you see them, you'll want to again and again.  My ears are still ringing. :)

Anyways, the main focus for today is top coats and base coats.  Everything I am saying is pulling from past experiences with them.  I'll start with a base coat.  I use, and have always used OPI Natural Nail base coat.  It is honestly the best I have used compared with Orly when I was starting off.  It definitely makes the polish last longer especially if you are trying to keep your perfect color on for a week.  Of course, when I started swimming and my polish was falling off in sheets, I was using a thin layer of nail glue on my nail to keep it on.  Naturally I needed to file it off in between color choices and my nails got super thin.  I began using Nail Envy by OPI.  It is a base coat that you can use and it strengthens nails and comes in a variety of nail strengthening uses.  This base coat keeps in on like normal and helps your nails!

Also, if anyone has heard of Chip Skip by OPI, I don't think it really helps that much.  Although it is nice to have for protection, I think using just a base coat and top coat will do the trick.

Now for topcoats.  If you are looking for a quick nail polish job, you can use OPI's Start to Finish which is a base coat/top coat in one.  It definitely doesn't last as long as using a separate top coat and base coat because it is supposed to be one formula.  It would go great as a regular base coat, but as for the top coat portion, it doesn't give the desired shiny finish that I try to achieve.

My favorite top coat of all time is the Out the Door top coat which is much cheaper than OPI's Top Coat.  It lasts super long and comes out verrrrrry shiny when dry.  This top coat is super quick dry as well which is great.  I have used the OPI Top Coat and I have not really liked it and I can only say I don't like this specific top coat/OPI product because I love everything else they make.  But, after a couple weeks of use, it begins to discolor a little and becomes very bubbly when applied to the nail.  It also doesn't come out as shiny as I would hope it would.  

So if you learned anything from this post, it is that you should really try to get OPI's Natural Nail Base Coat and Out the Door's Top Coat.  They work perfectly hand in hand, or nail in nail. ;)