Sunday, November 20, 2011


I watched a nail art tutorial video in which I gained some inspiration for this design.. not the same colors, but essentially the same idea.  For mine, I used Ate Berries in the Canaries from the España Collection as the base color.  For the flower, I used Alpine Snow and Don't Mess With OPI from the Texas Collection.  Using a dotting tool, I made the flowers then with a black striper, I created the outline for the petals and little extensions of the flowers.  Here is the design..I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


My friend is in a sorority called Alpha Sigma and their mascot(?) thinger is the owl.  She's got them all over her room!  So I found a tutorial on how to make some owls on her nails.  They were kind of time consuming and I think they turned out more like cats than owls..but I used What's With the Cattitude (NL B90) from the Shrek Collection for the owl and the other nails.  You can kind of see how I could have done it and you can also see the tutorial on Youtube on the Cutepolish channel.  She does awesome work!

For the other owl..I found a picture on the OPI Facebook page that had different colored owls like the one shown.  I picked purple..It's my favorite color.  I used Funky Dunky and Rumple's Wiggin'.  Coincidentally, both from the Shrek Collection

Hawk Squad Interview!..

So I go to the University of Wisconsin Whitewater and for our freshmen orientation, we have people who run it called Hawk Squad Leaders.  Well I applied to be one this Monday and I think the interview went well!

Anyways, I did my nails for the interview and I really think they liked them!!  I used Konad Image plates M17 and M18 with white special polish over Purple with a Purpose.  I used a dotting tool to make little dots next to the letters.  Hope you like them! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Divine Swine..

The next color in the Muppets Collection that I used was Divine Swine (HL C13).  It is one of the glitters in this collection and like Gone Gonzo, it has a clear base color to it with the glitters in it.  This time though, it is a really nice, bright, purple with micro-glitters and the silver bigger glitters.  

Instead of using a base color of another OPI, I just did the glitter.  Though, I think that OPI changed their formula a little bit because this has been staying on SO well.  No chips for dayyyysssss.  It's fantastic.  For this because I had no base color so I used three coats of glitter!  Here it is!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The next color in my long line of wearing The Muppets Collection colors, was Animal-istic (HL C03) which is a bright red with micro-glitter shimmery finish.  It is a very pretty color, but even though I really love the reds that OPI comes out with, I just don't enjoy wearing them.  I don't think they look good on me..but I LOVE this color.  It is great for the holidays.  Goes on very sheer the first coat, so two-three coats will be needed for the opaque consistency that is usually desired.
A couple days after wearing this color, I decided to do a design on them.  I used image plate M51 from Konad and used the flower designs that are on there.  I put the larger image on the tips of my thumbs and the smaller flowers on the rest of my fingers..this was in the white Konad special polish.  For the centers, I used a yellow polish and used my dotting tools for the middles.  Enjoy!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gone Gonzo!..

I officially bought the ENTIRE OPI Muppets Holiday Collection for 2011.  I seriously love the whole thing.  The first color I tried on was Gone Gonzo (HL C11) which is one of the glitters in light blue.  Now because it is a classic OPI Glitter, the glitter is super thick when you put it on in multiple layers.  The catch is that you need multiple layers to get the effect you want with these colors which is an entirely sparkly nail.

This time while using this glitter, I decided to go with a similar base color for under the glitters.  I used Teal the Cows Come Home from the OPI Brights Collection as that base.  I then used two coats of Gone Gonzo which made the outcome like you can see in the pictures.  (Usually the glitters have a clear base then the glitter in it.)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Homemade Plaid..

I watched a tutorial video on posted by CutePolish about making some plaid nails.  She did it for Halloween, but I just did it for everyday use.  So for my base coat instead of orange, I used Be a Dahlia Won't You? (NL S40)  It's a really nice hot pink that's got a little sparkle to it.. It goes on kind of thin, but two coats, maybe three will do it.  

Next, I used a black striper for the lines, then a white one, then a silver sparkle one.  I mean, once you see the design, you can only guess what happens to do it.  Pretty simple design, just a lot of lines.  So here it is!  Enjoy.