Thursday, September 29, 2011

MUTEMATH Inspired..

I did another design on my nails with the Russian Navy color as the base color.  This time, I used one of my most favorite bands as inspiration for the design..MUTEMATH! :)  I have been listening to them for a couple years now and fell in LOVE with their music.  I've been to one concert so far and now I will be going to yet another one on Friday.  SO EXCITED.

I am posting some pictures of the designs that I did.. I will explain in case you have no idea what is going on.  If anything.. visit their website:

For my thumbs, and pretty much all of the nails, you can see some polish splatter.  I used What's with the Cattitude? (NL B90), Need Sunglasses? (NL B46), Got a Date To-Knight (NL R46), and Planks A Lot (NL P16) with a straw for the splatter effect.  Their Typical music video was my inspiration on the it and you'll know why.  I will be doing a full set of nails design for splatter effects so stay tuned..  On my index fingers, I used white Konad special polish to do a music notes design using image plate M73 for just the tips, then splattered the rest.  On my middle fingers, I used a white striper and painted the MM logo for MUTEMATH.  Then, on the ring fingers, on my left hand I wrote ODD and on my right hand I wrote SOUL.  Their new album that comes out on October 4th is entitled Odd Soul, so there's that.  Lastly, on the left pinky, I put a keyboard for Paul Meany because that's what he plays and is the lead vocal.  He's amazing. 

There you have it!  Enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Russian Navy..

I just really needed to change my nail color, so I picked a rather new color of mine called Russian Navy (NL R54).  This color is a very dark blue, but can mislead you as to the true color of it.  When looking at the bottle in person, you can see a lot of dark purple undertones like OPI Ink, but as soon as you put that first coat of polish on, it's a dark blue, almost greenish.  I was expecting more of a purple blue color, but this turned out to be more blue than anything.  I mean, who would have guessed when navy is right in the name?!

The color goes on very nicely, but as I said before, for the actual color to appear, you need TWO COATS.  That's my rule of thumb..always two coats no matter how thick the polish is.

Although this color misguided me, I'm not mad about it.  It is a very pretty color if you are in a dark polish mood.  It is shimmery, which is always a great feature to have in a nice dark color.  In some extreme lights, you can kind of see the purple in there too!  Here's some pictures of it! :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flowers and Bamboo..

I saw this image plate in my drawer and decided to use it for something other than the huge cherry blossom image.  When I was imagining my idea, I thought of something a little different than this, but it turned out alright.

This design is a KONAD design, and for those of you who haven't heard of is amazing.  I learned about it this summer when I was trying to do more intricate designs by myself.  I can usually do my right hand really nicely, but when it comes to my left, it gets bad.  (I'm a lefty)  So I searched the interwebs and found Konad.  It's a stamping system where you take an image plate that has really cool designs on it, put some of the special polish on, scrape it off, and pick up the image with the stamper.  Pretty simple right?  Sometimes it can be, sometimes it isn't.  

I used image plate M66 which has cool cherry blossoms, a little Chinese (?) woman, some lotus flowers, and other random images.  I stamped Birthday Babe with black Konad special polish (it's thicker than normal polish which helps make a more opaque image) and used a glittery striper on my feature nail which happened to be the bamboo image.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Birthday Babe and a Warning..

So I got a new color this to me, not to OPI because I am pretty sure this color is super old.  Anyways, it is called Birthday Babe (NL A35) and is a very beautiful, elegant, silver that is perfect for well, BIRTHDAYS but I feel like it is also a very awesome New Years Eve color.  It goes on very smoothly and in one coat, it pretty much does the job.  But for me, even if a color goes on thick, I put two coats just to be sure. 

This color is just like Sahara Sapphire in the way it goes on the nail.  You need to have a very smooth nail for this to give the look it deserves.  If you have bumpy, not buffed nails, there will be little bubbles on the surface that totally wrecks the affect.  As you can see in the pictures that I took, you can almost see all the lines where the brush was.  I love how shiny it is especially when you top it off with the right top coat. 

I use Out the Door top coat which I think is probably the best there is out there.  But we can talk about top coats some other time.. Today I will be doing some sort of design on this color, so make sure to check back tomorrow. 

Here is my warning though:  When taking a shower, make sure you pick up your razor by the handle.  MY MISTAKE picking it up by the head.  The razor actually took off a chunk of my nail so I had to emergency file the crap out of it.  Sucked.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Mysterious Pinky..

So if you have seen some of my pictures that I have posted or will post in the future, you may notice that one of my fingers stays a solid teal color.  No need to ask anymore, I will just tell you what's up with that, because I know everyone I meet always asks me.  Here it goes.

Have any of you seen Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime?  It's an awesome show about a size two blonde model, not the brightest, gets hit by a grapefruit truck and gets sent to heaven.  There, she presses a return button on the guardian angel's keyboard and BAM..she's in another body.  This body however, is that of a "plus size" lawyer who is about five years or so older than her.  She is just livin' life as this new person..  Well, in this show, for good luck, Deb, the model, always put a teal-ish blue color on her right pinky finger called "Ironic Taffy."  No matter how hard I searched for it on Google or Amazon, they actually don't make that.  I took the next best thing and use "Yodel Me on My Cell" by OPI from the Swiss Collection.  It looks pretty much the same.

All in all, that pinky finger is for good luck.  It works most days, and I'm not a very superstitious person, but it is the one thing that must continue, although the nail color around it has to.  So there ya go.  

In case you wanted to get's a picture of it! is "Yodel Me on My Cell" (NL Z20) from the Swiss Collection

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just the Beginning..

So I really don't know how to start this thing off, but might as well share with you some of my story and a little of what I do now.

To be honest with you, I really don't know how I began to actually collect nail polish.  It was more of a thing where I started to really like the brand of nail polish that is OPI and the names.  Some of my favorite names being Funky Dunky, Glitzerland, My Private Jet, or An Affair in Red Square.. but these are only four of many, many, MANY, more colors that I have in stock.  

I guess you can say, I started in my second year in high school, me being a junior in college now, so not so very long, but man oh man do I have a collection.  My mom started to get her nails done at a nail place downtown.  Her main colors of course, were OPI and China Glaze.  Mainly, my mom used colors that came from the OPI brand, and on occasion, she would use China Glaze, like Ruby Pumps which I really like.  (Disclaimer:  I may talk about China Glaze on occasion because I really do like this brand, but for some reason, I can't bring myself to actually use it.  Brand loyalty I guess..)  I would come and sit by my mom's side during these long appointments watching the precision of the nail tech and how wonderfully the nail polish slid off the brush completely covering the nail in a thick, luscious, coat.  

So I suppose you could say at that very moment I was hooked on this.  I only started off with one or two, but as time went on, I would get at least one every weekend, maybe every other weekend.  My friends, were not so supportive of this crazy addiction at first, wondering why a girl of my age was spending her money only on nail polish and not on clothes or jewelery.  I guess I'm weird or something..

Over the years, up until now, I would say I have about 200 nail polishes total, all of the OPI brand.  Of course not including all of the top coats, base coats, and random other supplies I need to polish my nails for the couple of days I have it on.  Yes, I do change my polish every couple days, mostly twice a week just to get a variety because, let's be honest, having something on my nails for an extended period of time can get BORING.  I like change.  

Hopefully I can write in this every day, maybe every other day, but college can be kind of stressful and time consuming.  I will talk about my newest addiction to KONAD and doing nail art of my own, but mainly about different colors of OPI and what I think of them.  New colors I get will be added and random pictures of my growing collection, and NAILS.
In the spirit of the Brewers game tomorrow..I have done a little nail art inspired by the Milwaukee team.  Keep in mind that by no means am I a professional and I still have a LOT to learn about nail art.  These are just practice.

This is Glitzerland by OPI for the base color with the blue stripes and dots of Russian Navy.  I used white stripers and the red for the stitching in the baseballs are Girls Just Want to Play by OPI as well.