Friday, June 17, 2016

Orange is the New Black Nails

With the new season of OITNB being released on Netflix today, I decided to do my nails in inspiration!

Base colors from left to right in OPI's Black Onyx and Alpine Snow from the Tuxedo Collection, and A Roll in the Hauge from the Holland Collection.  I used the decal method to draw the OITNB logo.  On the ring finger, I used a Bundle Monster stamping plate and white Konad stamping polish to stamp on the chicken.  And yes, my ring finger is a lot shorter... dang softball incident :(

Hope you're as excited for this new season as I am! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Neon Flowers

Base colors in China Glaze's Sun of a Peach, That's Shore Bright, and Too Yacht to Handle from the Sunsational Summer Collection.  I used a Bundle Monster Xl plate for the design and reverse stamped it on my Lotus Mat.  Simple and quick design, but I had it on for days... Loved it!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Stamper Marbling

Base color in OPI's The I's Have It from the Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection.  I put triangular nail vinyls toward my cuticle after the polish was completely dried.  I then tried out a new technique on my Bundle Monster Lotus Mat, where you dab on drops of nail polish to the mat.  I used What's the Hatter with You? and I'm Gown for Anything.  Taking a thin dotting tool, blend the colors to a marble design.  Then, take your stamper and pres down into the polish.
From there, you can transfer the polish onto your nail using your stamper and then peel off the nail vinyls when you're done.  I took a thin silver striper to line where the vinyls were.  This was a super fun technique, and I hope you enjoy the design! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Clear Jelly Stamper

Base color in Color Club's Fingers Crossed from the Halo Hues 2015 Collection.  I used Bundle Monster stamping polishes and my new Madame Sweets Clear Jelly Stamper plate to test out my new stamper!

I will say, it's difficult to use at first if you have ever tried the stamper.  You really need to be quick.. I was trying to line it up really well, it would dry to the stamper and I would have to redo it.  BUT I finally got it down and now I'm excited to buy some more of these plates and make cool layered designs.  I hope you enjoy this sweet treat design!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rainbow Holo Dragon Egg Nails

Base color in OPI's Silver Canvas from the Color Paints Collection.  I used a sponged and dab dab dabbed on My Voice is a Little Norse from the Nordic Collection.  Using a Bundle Monster plate and black stamping polish, I stamped on the dragon egg scales.  Using a sponge, I blended Magenta Muse, Indigo Motif, and Landscape Artist to make a rainbow effect on the nails.

These are in honor of Game of Thrones starting up again this year, and I know these aren't real dragon eggs, but I had to make them holo rainbows!  They look so pretty!!  Hope you enjoy! :)

Friday, April 29, 2016

Fiery Suns

Base colors in a gradient from OPI's My Twin Mimmy from the Hello Kitty Collection, Flit a Bit from the Summer Flutter Collection, and Red Lights Ahead... Where? from the Holland Collection.  I used a black stamping polish and the Bundle Monster Festival plates for the design.

Pay no mind to my sad little ring finger.  Had a slight vertical tear in it when I was doing a floor set at work the other night and lost the poor baby.  That wasn't going to stop my nail art though!  Hope you enjoy this fiery design :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spray Nail Polish Test

 I have been waiting forever to be able to try out some spray nail polish!  After watching many Nails Inc. videos on YouTube, I decided to wait for China Glaze's version.  As soon as I found out they were released, I hopped over to Sally's Beauty to pick myself up a can.
So here's what you get.  It's around $9 (slightly less if you have a Sally's card) and comes in this little spray can.  There are four colors;  pictured above is Purple Shimmer, and they also have a silver, maroon/pink, and blue.  It gives you instructions on the back as well.  The only thing that bothered me was there were no swatches of the colors, so I wasn't sure exactly what I'd be getting, but purple is my favorite color so it seemed fitting.
I put down a long sheet of paper towel because I've seen some videos where the spray got just about everywhere.  Most things are white at my nail polish station, so I was not about to get a coat of paint everywhere. ;)  I did a layer of basecoat, and about three coats of spray nail polish.  The instructions say to use 2 coats to be opaque, but I was finding this was very thin and pooled to the cuticles making the polish splotchy in areas and the third coat helped with this.
Here's the final (ish) product after three coats and a top coat.  As you can see here, I could have still used a fourth coat but I can't fathom doing more than three.  It's a very gorgeous color with high shine after top coat.  I've had many people ask if it's easy to wash off, and YES! It really is.  Honestly, the minute the water touched my skin, it was down the drain.  The only parts I had to really dig at were where the polish pooled at my cuticle.  Not so bad, eh?  In comparison with Nails Inc. (from videos I've seen) people really had to scrub their fingers to get the polish off, so I'm happy this washed off easily.

Some notes or concerns I had with this polish.. I put a design on my right hand, like I usually do. Top coated it a second time.  Later the next day I noticed my right had was still pretty well intact while my left hand had SEVERE wear on the tips.  I'm talking, to my nail line it was so worn.  If you do decide to use this, use a second layer of top coat!!  My shower that night washed off all of my left hand as well.  The one layer of top coat did not protect that nail polish from coming off.

All in all, I think this is a fun product to use.  It is messy but I think everyone should try it once!  The colors are fun and it's easier clean up than expected.  I think many companies are going to come out with their own versions and I'd love to see if OPI comes out with something.  However, when all is said and done, it will go away like crackle nail polish.